10 Indian brands offering natural, healthy and organic food for your pets

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MMore and more Indians are choosing to be ‘pet parents’ in India, with 6 in 10 Indians now owning pets. But when it comes to finding organic food and treats for your pets, there are a lot of things to consider like breed, age, allergies, lifestyle and nutritional needs. the animal. Because each brand offers a wide variety of flavors, proteins, and ingredients, it can often be difficult to choose the right organic pet food.

So here are some brands that offer natural, grain-free, preservative-free, and healthy pet foods and treats.

1. Heads up for tails – Organic pet food

Heads Up For Tails is one of India’s premier pet care brands and a store dedicated to furry friends. Started as a small business by Delhi-based Rashi Narang in 2008, the brand now has a strong following with over 30 stores in six different cities.

From accessories to food, they offer everything your dog or cat needs. They have a wide variety of premium products from their own brand as well as selected products from a variety of brands.

When it comes to food, they have a long list of different categories like dry food, wet food, puppy food, kitten food, organic pet food, etc. that are free from preservatives. , artificial colors or flavors.

Buy their “Real Chicken Dog Biscuits” here.

2. Lick and bite

Launched by Indore-based Surbhi Hablani in 2020, pet food brand Licks & Crunch makes gourmet dog treats that are grain-free, gluten-free and preservative-free. This Instagram-based dog food startup makes innovative and delicious treats that are breed-specific and made after extensive research. They use several Indian herbs and spices to make the food more delicious and nutritious.
Surbhi runs the business from her kitchen at home with her mother and co-founder, Ritu Hablani.

Check out their products here.

3. BARF India

The BARF India claims to manufacture natural and healthy food for dogs, free of grains, preservatives, dyes, fillers and any artificial elements. They aim to dramatically improve the health, longevity, and quality of life of pets by promoting scalable nutrition and a host of holistic health care solutions. They formulate a balanced mix of raw meat, fruits, vegetables and bones.

They have a wide range of jerkies, grain-free dehydrated dog food, and cat food.

Buy their raw chicken recipe for dogs here.

4. Furr Meals

Launched by Sujata Bhattacharya, an avid pet mom, FurrMeals aims to provide natural, healthy, and preservative-free pet foods and treats.

When Sujata started her business in 2018, she was driven by a passion to provide better nutrition for her pet dog Buddy and thousands of other fur babies like him.
Designed by a group of highly skilled and skilled canine nutritionists, the brand uses only high-quality proteins, vitamin-rich vegetables, and immunity-boosting herbs to make their recipes healthy.
They have a range of unique recipes like vegetarian and non-vegetarian, natural, ready-to-eat wet dog food in multiple protein options, natural treats, and the first ready-to-serve chicken bone. broth for dogs and cats.

Buy their wet dog food here.

5. Captain Zack

Launched in 2016 when owner and founder Mohit Lalvani couldn’t find a good shampoo and conditioner for his pup Zack, who had sensitive skin. He then leveraged his three decades of personal care and pharmacy experience, which led him to formulate a non-irritating, gentle, and pH-balanced shampoo for his pup Zack, which ultimately led to the creation of the brand – Captain Zack.
Today, the brand offers a range of well-researched, innovative and safe products that contribute to the general well-being of pets.

They have a line of ready-to-eat and cooked foods, treats, and even dog cake mixes and cat treats.

Buy their ready-to-eat wet food with sauce here.

6. Doggie Dabbas

A wellness brand for dogs and cats, Doggies Dabbas was started by Rashee Kuchroo who was inspired by the health issues faced by her Labrador, Sloppy, to cook home-cooked meals in New Delhi.
Each product is lovingly handcrafted and formulated after extensive nutritional research and testing. The treats are delicious and each ingredient they contain has several health benefits.
They have a range of freeze dried foods for your dogs, fresh meals and treats made with fresh, preservative and gluten free ingredients.

Shop for their protein-rich dog treats here.

7. Dog chew

Dogsee chew was started in 2015 by husband and wife duo Bhupendra Khanal and Sneh Sharma in Bengaluru to provide dogs with natural, gluten-free and grain-free treats. They started the adventure when they struggled to get healthy treats for their pet, a Golden Retriever named Mowgli.
During their search for a good alternative to bones or rawhides, they came across Chhurpi, a hard, protein-rich yak cheese with a hardness similar to bone. So, they introduced it as a healthy treat across the world as Dogsee Chew Hard Bars.

Plus, all of their products are organic with even 100% vegetarian treats or dog chews that work as an alternative to bones or rawhide.

Buy their Himalayan cheese dental chews for dogs here.

8. Luvin

Luvin is a dog food brand from Ipshit Bhattacharya, a B Tech graduate in food technology and canine nutritionist. He decided to create a brand after realizing that most pet owners are uninformed about healthy homemade meals and native products.
The brand’s first offering was a complete and balanced mono-protein, grain-free meal full of natural goodness where every ingredient was deliberately selected to ensure the complete health and well-being of canine companions.

They offer a range of human-grade, grain-free, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian treats for dogs and cats.

Buy their grain-free chicken recipe for cats here.

9. Kennel Kitchen

Kennel Kitchen was founded by Awral Beri in his home kitchen in Alwar, Rajasthan in 2011. He started preparing homemade food for his family’s dogs to ensure they were eating the most nutritious food and as healthy as possible. Eventually it turned into a thriving business with the introduction of more dog and cat recipes and a bigger team to work with.

They use the best quality ingredients that provide high levels of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. They only use fresh, wholesome ingredients sourced locally and directly from farmers.
The brand offers a range of jerky treats, sauces, baked treats, pâté and more.
Buy their lamb chunks in sauce for dogs here.

10. Perfectly Done

Founded by Bengaluru-based Arpita Ganesh, Pawfectly aimed to bring healthy and wholesome food solutions for pets.

Their food is handmade with love and care and is prepared with the finest ingredients. Plus, they allow pet parents to switch to healthier foods for their pets in a convenient and affordable way.
All of their meals claim to be free of any preservatives or additives and carefully handmade with fresh meat and vegetables.

Check out their products here.


“A study reveals that 6 out of 10 Indians now have a pet; this is what drives the pet care industry”; Posted by CNBC TV18 on November 17, 2021

Edited by Yoshita Rao

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