11 celebrities in the organic food business

More and more celebrities are entering the organic food industry after seeing its growth.

According to Research Dive, the organic food market was a $160 million industry in 2019 and is expected to generate over $400 million in revenue by 2027. Celebrities are known to lend their faces and brands at various mentions they have started businesses that range from clothing lines to beauty lines and now they are taking a big chunk of the organic food industry.

The appeal of organic foods comes from our desire to eat meals without preservatives or chemicals. This is changing the fruit, vegetable and animal farming industry as more and more people want to know where their food comes from and how it was produced.

Take a look at celebrities who have invested in their own business or in an established business that prides itself on its organic qualities.

11 Jennifer Garner: Once Upon a Farm

the 13 Ongoing 30 The actress co-founded Once Upon a Farm, offering children’s food packets using only organic fruits and vegetables. Garner grew up on a farm in West Virginia and had a desire to bring fresh, healthy food options to her children and others.

ten Sarah Michelle Gellar: Food Stirs

Gellar knew the fun she had cooking with her children and wanted to help other parents make those connections with theirs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer The star founded Food Stirs, selling organic baking mixes and dessert themes like Rainbow Cake Pops and Movie Night Cupcakes according to Taste of Home.

9 Steve Schirripa: Uncle Steve’s sauces

the Blue blood and The Sopranos The actor was known among his friends for his homemade arrabbiata sauce, in which he pays homage to his Italian mother. Encouraged to start his family business, the company offers organic, gluten-free and certified paleo sauces. Jars sold on the shelves of stores like Walmart and others list the ingredients on the front of the label, along with organic plum tomatoes, organic onions, organic garlic, and more.

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8 Scottie Pippen: Hull

According to Live Kindly, the NBA star launched a brand of vegan, organic, and gluten-free popcorn in July 2021 with business partner RC Mills. The Husk brand includes several flavors including cayenne and ginger, matcha and coconut water, and kale and broccoli.

7 Beyoncé – WTRMLN

The “Irreplaceable” singer invested in the pressed juice business in 2016. WTRMLN uses discarded watermelons that farmers don’t use due to their imperfections to make their products. Beyonce is not alone; Other famous investors include NBA athlete Chris Paul and Kevin Durant.

6 Sofia Vergara – Suja

Another brand of organic squeezed juices has received a long list of celebrity endorsements. According to USA Today, the modern family star joins Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto among others. Suja uses high pressure processing, extending the shelf life of its products without using preservatives to do the trick.

5 John Legend – Prosperous Market

The e-commerce business sells organic food products and delivers them to your doorstep. In addition to Legend, others have invested in the members-only grocery store, including Will Smith, Tony Robbins and health guru Jillian Michaels. Not only do they offer organic food, but the company also sells organic and natural beauty products, cleaning products, and an assortment of organic wines.

4 Shailene Woodley – Good Catch

Good Catch offers plant-based fish and seafood, including tuna and crabcakes. Recently, celebrities like the Divergent star, Woody Harrelson and Paris Hilton have invested in the company. According to New Hope Network, Good Catch uses legumes, peas, chickpeas, fava beans and algal oil to create a seafood-like texture and stars love it.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow – Daily Harvest

She’s known for her organic and natural products through her Goop brand, but Paltrow isn’t against investing in a company that operates in her area. Daily Harvest serves single-serve organic smoothies. Serena Williams is also an investor. In addition to smoothies, the company offers Harvest Bowls, Harvest Pastries, flatbreads and soups – all featuring organic fresh vegetables, from roasted eggplant to cremini and asparagus.

2 Ashton Kutcher – GrubMarket

The entrepreneur and star of three and a half men invested in GrubMarket, an online delivery service that ships organic and local food to a handful of states across the US with plans to expand soon. They use food hubs like Boston Organics and Eat with the Seasons to bring fresh produce to your doorstep year-round.

1 Bill Gates – Beyond Meat

The plant-based food company made it big when it convinced billionaire Gates to invest in its alternative protein products. They are currently in the meat section of over 10,000 retailers in the United States, offering burgers, sausages, meatballs, chicken, and jerky minus GMOs, cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones.

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Sources: Research Dive, Taste of Home, Live Kindly, USA Today, New Hope Network

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