32-Year-Old Quits Job at Bharat Biotech for Organic Farming and Receives Award

The farmer has a far-sighted vision of organic farming | Image Courtesy: Bonguram Nagaraju/Facebook


  • Bonguram Nagaraju quit his corporate job in Hyderabad to pursue organic farming.
  • The use of pesticides and fertilizers in food prompted the 32-year-old to start working on his own farm.
  • His efforts to revolutionize agriculture have been recognized by the Gandhi Global Family and awarded with the Pudami Putra Prize.

Unimpressed by the artificial substances used in the mass production of food, Bonguram Nagaraju quit Hyderabad to take biological agriculture at his birthplace in the village of Habsipur in Telangana.

The idealistic 32-year-old farmer holds a master’s degree in animal biotechnology which he obtained from the University of Hyderabad. He was working at Bharat Biotech since finishing graduate school, but was not one to settle down.

According to Telangana today.

Nagaraju is all about organic farming, but the people of his own village are far from adopting the native rice varieties he grew. He completely did away with pesticides and artificial fertilizers, instead incorporating cow dung and neem oil into his farming.

He was awarded the Pudami Putra Award for Siddipet District by Minister Jagadish Reddy Image courtesy Facebook
He was awarded the Pudami Putra Award for Siddipet District by Minister Jagadish Reddy | Image Courtesy: Facebook

Recognizing his farsighted wisdom and efforts to revolutionize agriculture in his hometown, the global Gandhi family bestowed Nagaraju with the Pudami Putra award last year. Also, the Telanganite is working with Deccan Mudra, Grama Bharathi Voluntary Organization and Subhiksha Agri Foundation to educate farmers.

Nagaraju’s family and in-laws did not buy into his idea of ​​trading a corporate job for a career in agriculture. However, his wife did and quit her own job as a teacher at a corporate school in Hyderabad.

The couple have since grown seven native paddy varieties including Manipur Black Rice, Kalabati, Telangana Sona and Burmese Black on 4.5 acres and another acre of mixed vegetable and fruit cultivation.

Nagaraju said Telangana today that growing rice brings him decent money, but he expands the field of production, which could include sheep farming and poultry farming.

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