8th International Organic Agriculture Forum Held in Datong, North China, December 6-7


BEIJING, December 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – On the theme of large-scale organic farming and county-wide rural revitalization, the Eighth International Organic Agriculture Forum was held in Datong City*, Shanxi Province in the north China during December 6-7.

The forum, jointly organized by of the people of Datong The government, China Agricultural University, Taiyuan University of Technology and Shanxi Agricultural University attracted more than 80 domestic and foreign experts and scholars to exchange views on topics such as the status quo and the trend of organic industry, Lingqiu County’s practices of large-scale organic farming, organic dry farming, organic community and organic village building.

In recent years, Datong City has made great efforts in the development of organic dry farming and through the improvement of the quality of agricultural land, research on seeds of improved varieties for dry farming and the green development, a batch of demonstration counties, zones and promotion zones has sprung up in the city.

Zhang Qiang, the mayor of the city, told the opening ceremony of the forum that Datong will make more use of the role of organic dry farming in growing the city’s advantages as a place of origin of products. related organic farming and gradually popularize the “Chehe mode” to build more organic farming demonstration areas.

Chehe Mode here refers to an economic development path that combines organic farming, ecotourism and building beautiful villages, represented by the practices of Chehe Village in Hongshileng Town, Lingqiu County of the city from Datong. Since 2013, Lingqiu County started construction of its organic farming demonstration park and area from Chehe village.

Apart from other Datong counties, Lingqiu County has developed an economic growth path characterized by large-scale organic farming and has managed to gradually get rid of tax revenues and energy economy based on land sale.

By far, Lingqiu County has 60 certified organic agricultural products, more than 30 organic agricultural producers and 6,666.67 hectares of agricultural land for organic farming.

As Zhang introduced, the city will also expand cooperation with renowned universities and research institutes at home and abroad to advance cooperation in production, supply and sales projects related to the set of organic farming industry.

*Datong City, located in the temperate monsoon climate region, has unique advantages in organic farming development given its obvious daytime and nighttime temperature difference and long duration of sunshine.

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