A scientist leaves her doctorate. pursue organic farming; Earn 8 Lakh selling vegetables online

Insha earns a good income by selling various frozen vegetables

Insha, who was studying molecular signaling at a South Korean university, wanted to learn more about “organic farming“. She returned to Kashmir to pursue her true passion and she has never looked back since.

How did Insha start “Homegreens?”

Insha started her farm-to-fork business, named Homegreens, two years ago. Her ancestral 3.5-acre property, on which her family once grew crops and vegetables for home consumption, was all she owned when she started her dream project.

She began visiting farmers, buying seeds and manure, and hiring laborers to undertake planting, plowing, and other similar tasks. She realized that studying was not enough to cultivate a culture since she was a scientist. She spent months trying to grow different kinds of seeds in different seasons.

“I had more failures than successes.” Sometimes the crop didn’t germinate, or the manure didn’t work, and other times I over-watered or planted the seed in the wrong season,” she told a news agency. .

What led her to take an interest in organic farming?

Insha, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, has lived in several places with lush vegetation and cooler temperatures.

She went to South Korea after residing in Kashmir, Delhi and Bangalore, where the weather was more pleasant. She said that despite her family’s farming background, she only became interested in the job after visiting a strawberry field on a school trip with her child.

She was amazed by the remarkable technology used to grow fresh, colorful strawberries. She casually told her wife how wonderful it would be if someone in Kashmir did the same. He said: “Why should we wait for someone else when we have land?” She chose to leave it all behind after six months of meticulous preparation and investigation.

Insha’s Online Business

Insha sells her products on Instagram and Facebook. According to her, most products are sold within 24 hours. She made almost Rs 8 lakh in November and December last year. She is gradually developing her business.

She earns a good income selling various frozen vegetables like green beans and peas, as well as blanched sweet corn and tomatoes.

Additionally, Insha has cooperated with local farmers to market unique vegetables and value-added products like pickles across India under its brand name. She says the 32-year-old rounds up an average of 15 to 20 farmers each month and offers them above-market prices.

First published: June 26, 2022, 05:09 IST

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