After the visit, the accreditor keeps UA Global Campus informed | University

However, the team also noted that “students may still not receive complete information to have enough time to understand their financial obligations when enrolling in UAGC.” He recommended that UA Global Campus continue to “make necessary improvements to ensure students receive accurate information and enough time to make decisions.”

On Tuesday, Pastorek said, “All options with Zovio to improve student outcomes are being evaluated.”

‘Student Centered Tour’

According to the commission’s report on its site visit, the student body at UA Global Campus is “composed primarily of non-traditional students who work full-time or part-time while pursuing their studies.” Nearly 10% are first-time college students, 85% are over the age of 25, 70% are women, 60% are college students of color, and 25% are affiliated with the military.

Just over 70% of these students receive federal student loans, and the median total debt for undergraduate students who graduate is $31,802. Another big concern of critics and the commission about UA Global Campus and its previous iteration, Ashford, is that it has not made students fully aware of the costs of attendance.

Last July, UA Global implemented a policy change that requires prospective students who plan to use federal financial aid to pay for their education to file their free application for federal student aid before beginning classes. According to the commission’s report, this prevented 26 students from enrolling early and brought the percentage of students who had all financial aid documents on file to 94%, a 10% increase from the previous year. ‘last year.

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