Alternative to cow dung and fertilizers: PM Modi bats for organic farming at the National Conclave


In his first interaction with farmers after repeal of three agricultural lawsPrime Minister Narendra Modi urged them to favor organic farming techniques rather than fertilizers and manure to cultivate their products.

PM Modi was speaking by videoconference to the National Conclave on Natural Agriculture which took place Thursday in the district of Anand in Gujarat.

Urging farmers to avoid chemical fertilizers, PM Modi said, “We need to switch to organic farming methods… Desi cow dung and urine can act as a solution to protect your farm produce and increase the productivity. Everything can be done naturally. [Then], we wouldn’t have to pay for manure or any other kit that way. “

“Thatch can also be used as manure,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Prime Minister Modi also mentioned that the government spends a lot to import chemical fertilizers and manure. “It affects farmers’ incomes,” he said, adding that farmers have been given “favorable options” to make and sell their products.

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“We have to take agriculture out of the chemistry labs and link it to the nature lab. When I talk about a natural lab, it’s all based on science … From seeds to soil, all solutions can be brought naturally, ”he said. .

While striving for the use of organic techniques, Prime Minister Modi also said: “We have to adapt to traditional agricultural techniques in modern times.”

“We have to use technology to revolutionize farming techniques,” he said.

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“Natural farming will benefit the 80% of the country’s smallholder farmers the most. These farmers have less than 2 hectares of land and spend a lot on chemical fertilizers … but using natural fertilizers will benefit them,” said Prime Minister Modi.

Prime Minister Modi addressed farmers at a session of the “National Conclave on Natural Agriculture” on Thursday.

The three-day conclave in Gujarat’s Anand district began on Thursday and focuses on natural farming and providing information to farmers on its benefits.


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