Apply for a Grow Ahead Fellowship in Agroecology or Regenerative Organic Agriculture! – Food tank

grow forward seeks applications from women aged 18 and over from Africa, Asia or Latin America. The $2,500 scholarship will cover workshops or trainings on agroecology or regenerative organic agriculture in the candidate’s regions.

The fellowship program offers women smallholder farmers the opportunity to further explore agroecology, including areas of agroforestry, biochar, compost, holistic management, conservation tillage, grazing, silvograzing, permaculture and other climate resilient practices. The fellowships provide women in positions of influence with knowledge and experiences that they can share within their communities. If all women smallholders had access to productive resources, over one hundred million hungry people would have access to food and women. farm yields would increase by 20 to 30%.

Interested applicants must submit a photo, create a profile and agree to promote the Grow Ahead fundraising campaign pending applicant acceptance. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis.

For more information on scholarships or to view featured opportunities, please visit grow forward on line. If you would like to support women farmer leaders or make a donation, visit

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