Association of Research Libraries (ARL), Alliance of Authors, Internet Archive, Library Futures, Wikimedia and Other Organizations Send Letter “Urging Congress to Set aside Competition Law and Preservation of Journalism »

Of Statement of public knowledge:

“[We] represent a wide range of organizations focused on protecting and advancing our democracy. We include civil society organizations; librarians and archivists; creators; technology companies; experts in competition law, copyright, constitutional law and digital rights; and the media and press groups. Although we represent a wide range of political positions, we share the view that this bill should not be passed.

“We are well aware that local news is in crisis. A large number of [us] have been strong advocates for public policy solutions to ensure citizens have the quality information they need to engage in civic life and the political process. However, the JCPA will exacerbate some of the biggest problems in our information landscape and do little to allow the most promising new models to improve it.

“[Additionally]antitrust exemptions [like the one created in this bill] did not achieve beneficial goals and instead harmed competition and consumers, entrenched existing power structures, and increased co-dependency among industry incumbents. The JCPA will cement and drive consolidation in the industry and create new barriers to entry for innovative new models of truly independent local journalism. There are other political solutions to the crisis in local journalism, and we urge you to reconsider the law on competition and the preservation of journalism.

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List of organizations signature letter

Association of Research Libraries
Authors Alliance
Center for Democracy and Technology
Chamber of progress
Coalition for Creativity (C4C)
Common cause
Computer and Communications Industry Association
consumer reports
Creative Commons
fight for the future
Free press action
Internet Archive
The future of libraries
Local independent online news publishers
Public knowledge
R Street Institute

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Gary Price ([email protected]) is a librarian, writer, consultant and frequent speaker based in the Washington DC metro area. He received his MLIS degree from Wayne State University in Detroit. Price has won several awards, including the SLA Innovations in Technology Award and Wayne St. University Library and Information Science Program Alumnus of the Year. From 2006 to 2009, he was Director of Online Information Services at Gary is also the co-founder of infoDJ an innovation research consultancy that supports enterprise product and business model teams with just-in-time fact finding and insight.

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