B&B Organics plans to expand internationally to make traditional organic food accessible to everyone

July 28: B&B Organics, an organic food brand, is looking to expand internationally to make its traditional organic food products accessible to a wider customer base. The brand is currently operational in India, the United States and the United Kingdom and plans to expand its services to other European countries soon.

With the intention of becoming a world leader in traditional organic food products, B&B Organics is focused on R&D to extract bioactive compounds from traditional food products. Their mission is to increase the availability of the benefits of traditional products to the general public, and people could use the bioactive compounds as supplements in their health care regimen.

B&B Organics, a brand known for its organic offerings, is a one-of-a-kind organic food brand that offers traditional food products like rice, millet, sugars and a variety of other value-added organic products. B&B Organics is the brainchild of S Balaji (B.Tech in Horticulture) and Dr. P Balathandayuthabani (PhD in Environmental Science – Sweden). They launched this brand after identifying the lack of authentic organic traditional food products in the Indian market. As a result, the brand sells high quality organic food products at affordable prices. In fact, its product portfolio has more traditional food products than any other company in India, including over 75 varieties of rice, over 15 varieties of millets, over 15 varieties of flakes and over 10 varieties sugars, etc.

Sharing his vision for the brand, Founder S Balaji said, “The pandemic has made people aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. As a result, there has been an increased demand for organic food products in the Indian market. However, there is still a gap in the market in terms of authentic traditional organic food branding. B&B Organics is here to fill that gap with its premium organic offerings and industry-leading services. We are on a mission to make people aware of the benefits of organic eating habits and to provide traditional organic foods at their affordable price. We also plan to go global soon to capture international markets and make organic food a go-to option for people around the world.

B&B Organics is a team of responsible and competent men and women. Moreover, it aims to become a women-led business in the coming times. Since 2016, long before Corona, the brand has offered working from home to encourage and support its employees. Women on Wings, an organization headquartered in the Netherlands, will work with the company because of its support for female employees. Additionally, the brand plans to share a percentage of its profits with its farmers.

As there is an increased awareness of organic food quality and eating habits among people in the post-pandemic world, B&B Organics is committed to making organic food accessible to everyone.

For more details visit www.bnborganics.com +91- 99434 77454

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