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Imphal: In a bid to shape a healthier society, Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Wednesday called on farmers in the state to gradually switch to organic farming.
He said a “farmers cell” should be set up by the Manipur Department of Agriculture along the lines of “CM da haisi” (let’s talk to the CM) with toll free numbers, where officials and dedicated staff can receive farmers. grievances and take action to resolve them.
Speaking to farmers and agriculture department officials at the “Farmers Meet and Interact Program” at the City Convention Center here, Biren said the cell will help bridge the gap between officials and farmers. farmers.
The CM added that the prime minister’s particular focus on the agricultural sector is to become self-sufficient.
Pointing out that there was a lack of transparency, coordination and communication between the departments, Biren said they were all interrelated and coordination between them was needed. A joint effort of the Departments of Agriculture, Forestry, Minor Irrigation, Command Area Development Authority, Horticulture and Veterinary Services is required to develop agriculture and address grievances farmers, he added. Citing some grievances highlighted by farmers, the CM called on government officials to be transparent.
“Farmers cannot be asked to increase their production without the availability of suitable markets to sell them,” he said, adding that without a suitable market, their products would perish, which would only discourage them.
Stating that the e-marketing system has facilitated the sale of produce, Biren said the responsibility of officials is to determine how farmers’ produce is marketed.
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