Book on organic farming by the technocrat of Ranchi


Born in Bokaro, the employee of the Heavy Engineering Corporation engages in ecological agriculture work on his ancestral land in Chas

Praduman Choubey



Posted 12/13/21, 10:19 PM

Ravi Singh Chaudhary, a Bokaro-born technocrat (28) who currently works with Heavy Engineering Corporation in Ranchi as a senior executive and who himself has practiced organic farming on his ancestral lands in Chas Bokaro, wrote a book titled “Krishi Samhita” in Hindi explaining the nuances of organic farming.

The book, written during the lockdown, explains the details of green manure manufacturing, composting, use of crop residues, animal fertilizers, legumes, off-farm organic waste, bio-fertilizers, mechanical culture.

Speaking to The Telegraph Online today, Chaudhary, a 2015 B Tech Mechanical Engineering graduate from BIT Sindri, said: “I have grown 5,000 sweet corn plants, 900 bitter gourds, 400 green beans and 100 strawberries. in my village in 2017-18 as part of organic drip irrigation. “

“The book, made up of 45 chapters, is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the production of vegetables and fruits while the second part deals with the use of pest control by creating a population of useful insects to control harmful pests, ”said Chaudhary, who also provides advice on organic farming to ordinary people.

“I have incorporated the best organic farming techniques into my book which in order to ensure that a large number of people interested in organic farming can benefit from reading the book,” Chaudhary said while adding that the book is available on Amazon and Flipkart.


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