Canadian grower-shipper expands product lines and geographic reach

EagleXport is very pleased to participate in this year’s IFPA show. “We are rapidly expanding our business in North America and it is refreshing to finally be able to meet some of our new customers and old friends in person,” said Alex Zenebisis, President.

EagleXport represents over 200 local Canadian suppliers and growers and specializes in locally grown fresh produce from Canada. It has also developed a line of products with organic fruits and vegetables grown in Canada. Depending on the season, it also has partnerships with producers in other countries to enable it to supply product all year round.

The Eagle Xport team.

As a Canadian producer-shipper, EagleXport is proud of its history. Zenebisis has over 25 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable industry which helped him establish Eagle Export. Meanwhile, Pierre Gallant, vice-president, is over 35 years old and Jean-Michel Paquin, vice-president, has been working in the field of fruits and vegetables for 20 years.

EagleXport’s offices and warehouse are located in Saint-Remi, Quebec on the grounds of Alcaro Farms.

EagleXport’s offices and warehouse are located in Saint-Remi, Quebec on the grounds of Alcaro Farms. “It gives us direct access to seasonal products from Alcaro and many other producers. The farthest is less than 20 minutes away,” says Zenebisis. “We can deliver products to our customers often the same day they are picked up, and with our many shipping partners, we are rapidly expanding our delivery options for Florida and the South as well as other geographies.”

EagleXport’s mission is, in part, to create and maintain trusted relationships with customers and suppliers. “There is no better place for us to accomplish this mission than the IFPA show in October,” says Zenebisis.

For more information:
Alex Zenebisis
Eagle Export, Inc./Alcaro Farms
Tel: +1 (450) 992-0521
[email protected]

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