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On Friday March 4, celebrities gathered at the Kimironko market, as they joined an awareness campaign to support Rwandan farmers who practice organic farming.

The public event was organized by the Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement (ROAM) to celebrate and honor farmers as key players in the economic development of the country.

A host of celebrities who witnessed the move include musicians Aline Gahongayire, Alyn Sano and Mani Martin, presenter and DJ Anita Pendo, and film performer Marc Uwizeye, also known as Rocky.

They all insisted on the fact that everyone must think about protecting the environment and think about eating organic products without chemicals to mitigate the risks to their health.

Lise Chantal Dusabe, CEO of ROAM, revealed that they used celebrities in the move towards community outreach, after which people will know the source of what they eat.

“We hired celebrities so they could help us reach a lot of people to raise awareness and adjust respect for farmers,” Dusabe told The New Times in an interview.

Alyn Sano said she joined the movement together to play her role as an artist in securing sustainable livelihoods for future generations.

“Without the farmers we can’t survive because we can’t get food and so being a part of that means a lot to me as an artist,” she said.

Like Sano, Aline Gahongayire echoed the fact that the future of the pure land, good health is in the hands of farmers through healthy food.

“Since we can reach a lot of people, we are mobilizing as many people as possible to support this movement, our fellow farmers. We are also farmers! Every time I use my voice to sing, that’s my farming. I can’t have such an amazing voice without eating the right organic foods,” she said.

Farmers from different parts of the country who joined in the celebrations had a chill time with their favorite celebrities and were thrilled to see them join the movement.

“Excited,” Aline Dukundimana, a farmer from Musanze district, said, “We are happy that Rwandans understand and support us. We will not stop to give them the best,” she said.

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