Coinllectibles will exhibit over US$1.11 million worth of Digital Ownership Tokens (DOT) art and collectibles at Centricity in the Landmark Chater House, Hong Kong on October 25-26, 2022

With over 200 visitors expected at the event, it is paving the way for Coinllectibles to host more in-person exhibits to showcase its DOT collectibles.

SINGAPORE, October 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Metaverse Blockchain Company Coinllectibles™️, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings Inc. (OTC: COSG), is pleased to announce that Coinllectibles will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with an exhibition of art and artifacts from collection at Centricity in the Landmark Chater Loger, hong kong on October 25 and 26, 2022.

During the 2-day event, at least US$1.11 million DOT artwork and collectibles will be on display. The exhibits are works of art and collectibles currently on sale in Coinllectibles’ MetaMall.

Highlights of the exhibition include ceramics from the recently launched collection Coinllectibles Magnificent Series – with prices varying between $190,000 and $282,000 each. In addition, the luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Quinting will also present a specially curated selection of watches with the most expensive Quinting Panda, worth $208,000.

Commenting on the event, Gerald Gn, Corporate Finance Director at Coinllectiblessaid, “hong kong has a very vibrant arts and collectibles market. Over the past 2 years, due to the covid-19 restrictions, we mainly contacted potential collectors online. Overall, we’ve seen good traction online and the results have been encouraging. However, with the hong kong government reducing pandemic restrictions, we really want to take this opportunity to host an in-person exhibit as part of our one-year anniversary celebrations. »

In addition to the exhibition, there will also be a Coinllectibles cocktail party on October 25, 2022. This is an invitation-only event and over 100 art collectors and industry insiders are expected. In total, more than 200 guests are expected over the 2 days.

“For the Coinllectibles team, we see the Hong Kong show as a starting point for our offline engagement initiatives. In fact, our events calendar for 2023 is starting to fill up as we plan to participate in a number of regional and international art exhibitions. With such offline initiatives complementing our online efforts, we believe this will give our brand greater visibility and, in turn, directly contribute to our sales results,” added Gerald.

Commenting on the DOTs of art and collectibles on display, Nancy WangChief Asset Officer of Coinllectiblessaid: “Of all the pieces on display, the highlight is the Quinting Panda. It’s the only one of its kind made by Quinting and they don’t have any other panda-themed watches. On the dial of the Watching is a hand-painted artwork of a giant panda – the symbol of endangered species and the conservation efforts around them.Adding to the significance, the giant panda is also the national treasure of China, making it a highlight of our event. From Coinllectibles’ perspective, this is just the beginning and we hope to show off a wider range of valuable art and collectibles in times to come.”

The Coinllectibles Hong Kong show is an invitation-only event. To get the tickets, please email [email protected] For more information on Coinllectibles and its DOT offerings, please visit www.Coinllectibles.Art.

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About Cosmos Group Holdings Inc.

Cosmos is a business group that operates in two business segments:

  • Arts and collectibles

  • Funding

Through Coinllectibles™, the group provides authentication, valuation and certification (AVC), sale and purchase, hire-purchase, financing, custody, security and exhibition services. (CSE) to art buyers through traditional channels, as well as leveraging blockchain technology through the creation of Digital Property Tokens (DOT).

With licensed subsidiaries that of Hong Kong Money Lenders Ordinance, the group currently primarily offers unsecured personal loans to individuals, with a small portfolio of mortgages. The group integrates the two business segments by offering secure financing services to potential art and collectibles buyers to provide a unique art and collectibles buying and financing experience.

About the company – Coinllectibles™️

Coinllectibles™️ is a technology company that supports the collectibles industry by focusing on rare memorabilia and works of art that exist and have intrinsic value in the real world, whether tangible or intangible in nature. .

Coinllectibles™️ applies blockchain, marketplace, metaverse, and DOT technologies as tools to disrupt and improve the real-world collectibles industry. The technology behind DOTs (digital owner tokens) has multiple functional use cases that Coinllectibles™️ applies to areas such as art, sports, watches, numismatics, limited edition toys, limited edition fashion clothes and sneakers. DOTs have the power to transform our societies and certain areas may be subject to regulations. Coinllectibles™️ uses DOT technology only to provide legally binding digital property token (DOT) to a tangible or intangible collectible.


About Coinllectibles™️ Fusion point

Coinllectibles™️ is proud of the Fusion DOT as the industry’s “Gold Standard”. Being a Gold Standard, a Fusion DOT contains the following on Arweave – (1) a sale and purchase agreement reflecting the purchase, by the person striking the Fusion DOT™️, of the underlying asset at a fair value with all rights and restrictions clearly detailed, (2) lease terms governing the rights of possession while the underlying asset remains with Coinllectibles™️, (3) a deed of transfer reflecting the transfer of ownership of the underlying asset (with all rights and restrictions) by the transferor to the holder of the Fusion DOT™️, (4) the title of ownership recorded in the description of the Fusion DOT™️ and (5) the unequivocal identification file of the underlying asset, the ownership of which is reflected in the legal title represented by the Fusion DOT™️.


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