Coloring outside the lines – Kitchen & Bath Design News

Although incorporating brighter colors on kitchen cabinets is a trend that is still in its infancy, adding a splash of color to an appliance – especially a range or ventilation hood – is a a design staple for some time. For homeowners who were adventurous enough to go beyond the stainless steel appliance and white cabinetry combinations that had been popular for so long, including a richly colored appliance – like red, green or blue – added a custom focal point to the space.

Today’s appliance color offerings go far beyond the original jewel tones, ranging from the palest pastels to the sunniest shimmers to blacks with colorful tones. Pastels joined the fray, as did multi-tone patterns and color block combinations. And, these colors are no longer found on a single appliance, but rather on complete sets of kitchen appliances. And, if a customer wants that exact hue or pattern found in a curtain or wallpaper, that too can be replicated on fixtures for a custom look.

Here are some of the color trends currently seen on home appliances.

  • Jewel tones have expanded beyond blues, greens, and reds to include bold yellows, oranges, purples, and burgundy, resulting in standout pieces that are the focal point of the space.
  • Pale shades of green are the hottest rising colors, as evidenced by many color of the year choices, due to their sense of calm and grounding.
  • While stainless steel is still a finish leader, variations of stainless – particularly a wide range of black stainless steel surfaces – draw the eye to something a little different.
  • Deep greens are seen by many designers as a new neutral, with tones drawn from the natural world adding an organic feel to space.
  • Custom shades and patterns are grabbing attention as homeowners move away from resale value in favor of creating spaces that truly reflect their personal style.
  • Blues of all shades – from powdery pales to turquoise to cobalt – are attracting interest as interest in bringing the outdoors in continues.
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