Cortec launches quick-drying coating for spray and dip lines


Photo credit: Cortec

CortecEcoShield 386 FD Water-Based Micro-Corrosion Inhibitor Coating is a forced-drying version of the company’s best water-based corrosion inhibitor coating, EcoShield VpCI-386. According to Cortec, EcoShield 386 FD provides excellent corrosion protection at 1.5-3.0 mils (37.5-75 µm) DFT (dry film thickness). The advantage is that EcoShield 386 FD dries in 5-10 minutes at 150 ° F (54 ° C) and has good hot hardness, which prevents hot coated parts from sticking together before they can cool.

EcoShield 386 FD is optimized for manufacturers’ high speed spray and dip lines. The coating is said to reduce the risk of painted parts sticking to each other, a problem that damages the coating when the components are subsequently separated, leaving a weak spot for corrosion to take hold.

In addition to its corrosion protection and forced drying ability, EcoShield 386 FD is considered an excellent alternative to solvent-based coatings, which often contain high volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are more difficult to clean. As a water-based coating with only 0.6 lb / gal (72 g / L) of VOC, EcoShield 386 FD would provide a better working environment with easier cleaning than many traditional protective coatings. EcoShield 386 FD also has excellent UV resistance, making it acceptable for components (eg, heavy equipment parts or pipes) that will be stored or used outdoors. Coating can be used clear or matched with most custom colors.

Cortec says EcoShield 386 FD is an excellent solution for mass production of metal parts that require a protective coating but do not have enough time to dry before cooling.


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