Dr Subhash Chandra’s efforts are bearing fruit; 10,000 farmers switch to organic farming


Biological agriculture

Zee Group founder and Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subhash Chandra visited the Haryana Hisar on Sunday and highlighted a series of initiatives carried out by the “Subhash Chandra Foundation” for the welfare of the village farmers. During a press conference, Dr Chandra said his organization is working tirelessly to place Hisar among the top 50 villages in India.

He added that his organization had invested around 15-18 crore in various development programs aimed at strengthening Hisar and its farmers.

Dr Chandra described organic farming as a “game changer” that helps farmers increase their income. He said, “We have passed on the benefits of this farming method to over 10,000 farmers, of which 800-1,000 are indirectly engaged with us and over 300 are directly engaged.

Dr Chandra commented on the relocation of Asia’s largest airport from Hisar to Jewar, saying: “It was due to lack of coordination that the airport had to be relocated from Hisar to Jewar. Otherwise, Hisar would have been a better option. “

In October last year, Dr Chandra launched various initiatives in the villages of Sadalpur, Adampur and Adampur Mandi as part of the Sansad Adarsh ​​Gram Yojana.

He also started the “Krishi Kranti” program of the Subhash Chandra Foundation. The effort involved around 1,000 farmers who will target organic farming.

Chandra mentioned during the program that strengthening women, agriculture and youth could lead to rural Swaraj. He said that if a farmer’s income is higher, he can improve the future of his children.

About organic farming:

Organic farming is a production method that avoids or limits the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified organisms and feed additives for livestock.

Organic farming uses organic fertilizers such as green manure and compost, along with accompanying crop rotation and planting strategies.


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