Educated opt for organic farming


Visakhapatnam: The young geoscience graduate Ananthatmakula Venkata Narasingarao from the University of Petroleum-Dehradun returned home to Gokavaram in the East Godavari district a few years ago, leaving behind a lucrative career in petroleum to go into the business. organic farming as a vocation.

Today he is the proud owner of 20 acres of natural farm in his own village.

“I now grow mango, paddy and cashew nuts without pesticides. Passion, patience and performance are three main principles to follow here, ”said Narasingarao.

And, he’s not alone.

AP Organic Farmers Welfare Association founding member J. Kumara Swamy said a number of people who are mostly educated young people and in employment are now opting for this healthy crop after Covid- 19.

Bharat Varma, who runs melas and workshops, said: “We saw a number of IT professionals and others at an organic farming workshop in Vijayawada last month.”

Rishi Cherukuri, a Vizag-based MNC software architect, said he started organic farming two years ago after returning from the United States, in Gudivada in Vizianagaram District. Producing native varieties of black rice and white rice, Rishi has installed a Jeevamrutham vending machine on his farm and breeds Desi cows. It manages both the IT and agriculture professions. To do this, he has set up a separate fiber-optic internet facility on his farmland.

“Since labor is one of the difficult tasks of agriculture, the government should link the national rural employment guarantee program to agriculture so that the labor shortage can be controlled. . It’s the better choice instead of giving product subsidies, ”Rishi suggested.

Another farmer, Appaji d’Annavaram, said he quit his lucrative job at the Defense Research and Development Organization to go into natural farming.

“People are now motivated for natural agriculture and its importance was well popularized after Covid-19,” Appaji said.


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