Farmer Jairam earns lakhs from organic farming

Farmer Jairam

Jairam Gaikwad, a farmer from Bagholi village in Betul district, earns Rs 35 lakh per year by using only 10 acres out of his 30 acres for organic farming. Jayaram grows sugarcane on five acres, a vermicomposting unit on two acres, a barn and manure gas plant, organic wheat on an acre and a half, and organic vegetables on the remaining acre and a half.

He has 55 cows in the gaushala, from which he gets about 150 liters of milk a day.

Jairam says he has been farming organically for 15 years after registering with Madhya Pradesh State Organic Certification Organization, Bhopal. He said that from sugar cane he makes organic jaggery, which is sold in the market at a good price of Rs 60 per kg.

He sells the morning milk at the market and from the evening milk he prepares and sells mawa, paneer, curd and matha. This gives them a good income.

He said they also make vermicompost as an organic fertilizer, the sale of which gives them good income and promotes organic farming. He said he continues to update his work and knowledge with new technologies in the agricultural sector by interacting with officers from the Department of Farmers Welfare and Agricultural Development as needed.

Now, farmers from nearby villages have also started coming for advice from Jairam.

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