Farmer Ramgopal is doing wonders by embracing organic farming

Where there is a will, there must be a way. If a person is determined in his mind to do something new, he definitely achieves success. Shri Ramgopal, a farmer from Sirsoda village in Bhind district, proved it. Farmer Shri Ramgopal has embraced organic farming while renouncing agriculture based on chemical fertilizers.

Ramgopal derives very good benefits from organic farming. Ramgopal has now become an inspiration to farmers in his village.

Farmer Ramgopal was able to resume normal production by cultivating his fields in the traditional way by growing jowar, millet, sesame in Kharif and mustard, wheat in Rabi. He used to grow a crop all year round. It was only enough to support the family.

After being educated, farmer Ramgopal dug a well to cultivate horticultural crops in about 1 hectare in part of his total land to bring a change in agriculture and started potato cultivation.

Farmer Shri Ramgopal participated in the training program of Krishi Vigyan Kendra by contacting officials of Department of Agriculture and Horticulture to acquire technical knowledge on horticulture.

He learned the techniques of horticulture and now he uses self-prepared vermicompost, bacterial manure for organic farming.

Farmer Ramgopal uses manure he made himself and uses cow urine and other organic chemicals to control pests. This gives good production at low cost.

Farmer Ramgopal now earns twice as much as before. Grow four crops in one field. Farmer Ramgopal said he was satisfied with the use of organically prepared compost. Ramgopal is also working to encourage other farmer brothers in the village to take up organic farming.

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