Farmers Market resumes operations to welcome organic food lovers

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Farmers Market, established to provide organic eggs, vegetables and finished foods, will resume operations on Saturday (tomorrow) to welcome organic food lovers.

The specific market, installed at the Margalla hotel, which remained closed for the December and New Year holidays, attracts a large number of inhabitants of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in addition to foreigners.

The weekly bazaar, known for being selective about which vendors will be part of its Saturday-only event, will start at 10:30 a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m.

More than 24 vendors from Twin Cities and adjacent villages will participate in this facility adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs) to offer a variety of healthy food products to its customers.

“On average, I sell about 30-35 products, including chicken, eggs, sandwiches, pesto sauce, and fresh fruits and vegetables. For each vendor, this amount varies depending on the types of products offered,” shared regular vendor and founder of Mehryar Ali Khan in a chat with APP.

The 4-hour facility will offer a wide variety of local organic foods and finished goods, with the market’s own restaurant serving hot meals made from fresh produce, freshly brewed coffee and live entertainment for families.

“I usually buy fresh fruits and vegetables, but sometimes I opt for prepared meals. Sales people and management are very cooperative. I suggest the administration set up more such markets,” said Khurram Abbas, a frequent local customer.

Customer may find the price of goods a bit expensive here compared to other markets, but the quality of food offered here is excellent, said a customer from Belgium. “It is important to support people who produce good quality organic food to promote a food culture,” he remarked.

Both local and foreign consumers frequently cite the family atmosphere and quality of service to describe their experience here.

More than 300 people visit the market every Saturday to buy fresh, chemical-free food directly from farmers.

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