Fenaco strengthens its commitment to organic farming

Fenaco promotes the organic production of crops in particular demand. As of this year’s harvest, the agricultural cooperative will take over all varieties of cereals, pulses and oilseeds from organic farming from more than 50 local cereal collection points throughout Switzerland. The production of sunflowers, field beans, edible oats and soybeans will receive additional financial support.

Swiss consumers are buying more and more sustainably grown food products. At the same time, the conditions for obtaining labels have been tightened. From 2022, for example, all ruminant feed on organic farms must come from Swiss Bud crops. As a result, the demand for Swiss organic food is increasing, as well as the need for organically farmed land. For many years, Fenaco has been a major player in the organic market, particularly in the field of livestock feed. The agricultural cooperative now further promotes the organic production of crops in high demand in Switzerland, by improving the offer of local grain collection locations, with comprehensive and sustainable cultivation recommendations, as well as economic incentives.

Local grain collection centers to take all organic COP crops
From this year, a network of more than 50 local organic cereal collection centers of the LANDI cooperatives throughout Switzerland now collects all organic COP crops, including all varieties of cereals, oilseeds and protein crops. In this way, farmers no longer need to travel long distances.

A collaboration agreement exists between the grain collection center and the agricultural company, but Fenaco also pays extra for the cultivation of particularly popular crops such as sunflower, fava beans, edible oats and soybeans.

Comprehensive consulting concept
In addition to improving the management of organic COP crops, Fenaco is also setting up a comprehensive advisory service for organic growers, providing a direct contact person within their LANDI cooperative who knows the local conditions. Growers also have access to specialist recommendations from Fenaco subsidiaries, such as UFA Seeds, LANDOR, AGROLINE and UFA.

Organic farmers have a broader view and therefore need advice that combines issues related to seeds, plant nutrition, breeding and alternative methods of plant protection”, explains Heinz Mollet, head of Agro division of Fenaco. “We are able to offer them all this expertise within a complete service. Crop rotation and maintenance measures are essential elements of this advice in order to preserve soil fertility and benefit from high yield stability.

An overview of the local organic cereal collection centers of the LANDI cooperatives is available here.

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