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Eat what you grow, grow what you eat – that’s the mantra of Glenister Estate Farm Limited, founded by Meagon Morgan and Steven Glenister on November 15, 2015 at Bernard Lodge, St Catherine.

Morgan tells us that her husband and co-owner of the farm didn’t know anything about farming, but he got into it anyway. “He doesn’t know anything about farming, he got up one day and said he wanted to farm,” she laughed. “His father dreamed of owning a farm, so to fulfill his father’s dream, he created this farm,” she explained.

The Glenister Estate Farm is home to a plethora of organically grown ground supplies. “We have callaloo, bok choi, eggplant, banana, bell peppers and scotch bonnet peppers. Glenister Farm is all about organic farming. We try to grow organically, so we don’t use any chemicals,” Morgan explained. The farm uses organic methods of growing its vegetables because it wants to ensure that its customers consume healthy food.

The farm owner urges the Jamaican public to plant in his garden and venture into the world of agriculture. “I say go ahead, eat what you grow. I honestly think that’s the best thing to do. It’s the best way to stay healthy. »

Glenister Farm is also known for using its natural products to create organic items. This includes their 100% organic honey.

“The easiest vegetable to grow in your garden is the callaloo. It takes three days to germinate and with a week you can get callaloo. And after that, it grows every seven days. Morgan went on to share that the hardest vegetable to grow is bitter melon. “It grows on vines, and you have to plant it and trellis it, so it takes time. That would be the most difficult.

There is more to the farm than just ground produce and farming as they are currently working on setting up a healthy lifestyle ice cream shop which will be located in Barbican, St Andrew. “We will all have natural products like coconut water, lime juice, pastries and Jamaican coffee. We will also have vegan options. It will be a healthy store. The name of the shop is Picacho, it’s Steve’s nickname.

Picacho is slated to open by September, but until then, versatile farm owners have overseen products made from all-natural materials and oils. “The overseas skincare line is called Estonia. We sell skincare products, shampoos, face bars with healthy materials. We use Rose Mary oil and coconut oil,” she shared.

On the horizon, the two hope to open a restaurant. “I want to make a restaurant for the farm in the banana walk. We’ll have good food and people can come in and leave all their fights at the door,” Morgan concluded.

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