Goa formulates organic farming to preserve soil fertility

PANAJI: The Government of Goa has formulated two programs – “Promotion of Organic Agriculture” and “Development of Fertilizers and Fertilizers, in order to preserve the fertile cultivable soil of the state for agricultural purposes”, the Assembly informed Agriculture Minister Ravi Naik.

In a written response, Naik said “Fertilizer and Fertilizer Development” and “Promotion of Organic Agriculture” are the two programs being implemented in the state.

Legislative congressman Rodolfo Fernandes had asked about plans to preserve the fertile cultivable soil and the measures being taken in this regard.

“The government has developed programs for the preservation of soil fertility, and the programs are being implemented for the preservation of soil fertility,” Naik said.
He further stated that measures such as the promotion of organic farming with components such as aid for the supply of organic inputs, demonstration of organic farming, aid for the conservation of traditional seeds for organic farming and support for the creation of organic and biological input production units have been taken.

In addition, farmers are encouraged to create model organic farms and promote local farmers’ markets.

Regarding the development of fertilizers and fertilizers, the government provides assistance for soil samples, assistance for the use of soil conditioners, assistance for the use of micronutrients and for the installation of biogas plants and organic manure unit. “The government is also supporting assistance for the installation of a vermicomposting unit,” Naik said.

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