How do you get back a loan from a friend?

Good morning, lending money to a friend without a contract is not a good idea. It is always worth protecting yourself by writing a few sentences on paper.

The matter of recovering money is not a foregone conclusion. You should get a loan confirmation document. Consider settling a loan settlement agreement. Maybe a friend should visit at home and propose an agreement, repayment in installments and at the same time entering into possession of a contract/settlement?

If an agreement is not possible

If an agreement is not possible

It is reasonable to call the debtor to pay the debt within the prescribed period. Request for payment – template 10.00 USD – I am buying access to the design Click to pay or choose another pattern Added to cart

By registered mail with return confirmation, you can send a friend a request to return the loan. After the unsuccessful expiration of the set deadline, you can try to serve him with the pre-court loan repayment request.

Pre-trial request for payment of an outstanding debt – specimen 10.00 USD – I am buying access to the design Click to pay or choose another pattern Added to cart

If, after receiving both letters, your friend does not try to get along, you have nothing to wait for. I believe that it will be necessary to submit a claim for payment to recover the money borrowed.

A claim for payment in writ proceedings will allow you to obtain a payment order issued by a judge or legal Secretary at a closed session, i.e. without a hearing.

However, a final order for payment together with an enforcement clause allows you to bring a case to a bailiff and to compulsorily pay the claim.

I warmly welcome. I already borrowed 3500 dollars from my former friend. I did not write any loan agreement with him because he gave me the money on time.

The second thing that I know him for 25 years. I’m 32 so we know each other since childhood. I have evidence in the form of conversations on a messenger where he writes about whether I can borrow something up to the amount that he owes me in the form of 3500, and my conversations recorded on the dictaphone where I am indignant that he is still delaying giving up money.

A colleague borrowed money in May, he was to give it back by the end of June. I am in touch with him as such, so I put it so colloquially. Are there any methods to recover this debt from a friend? I can’t sleep because of that.

How can I get the money back from my ex-partner?

How can I get the money back from my ex-partner?

For 14 years I was engaged to a partner who asked me to renovate the apartment for her mother, we concluded an oral contract and did the renovation of the apartment, for this renovation my ex-partner borrowed 5000 thousand dollars from me, she was to pay me in monthly installments, but she did not pay from the contract, now she cheated on me and said that she would not give back the money.

I sent registered letters with a pre-trial request to pay within 14 days of delivery and I know that the former partner received the list because I got confirmation 2 days ago, for the first time in 2 months she called me and said that she would not give back money because she claims that she borrowed nothing.

She had a conversation with my current partner and in this conversation, she said that I should present an amicable amount because I would not pay so much money, so I agreed to the amount of USD 3,500 and the next time I talked with my current partner and presented a proposal, she stated that she would call witnesses, namely strangers who don’t know anything about it and won’t pay back any money and I have to go to court.

I have a similar problem as a colleague at the top

I have a similar problem as a colleague at the top

I lent my ex-girlfriend USD 11,000. The loan agreement was concluded only orally (I know it should be in writing), the ex-girlfriend promised that she would pay the money back in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, almost a year has passed, and the ex-girlfriend does not want to give back the money borrowed.

I don’t know what to do if the loan was in writing, I would go to court a long time ago, and I have some concerns. The only proof I have that I have granted the loan is confirmation of the bank transfer. Do I have any chance to get my ex-girlfriend’s money back? please help!

Good morning, how to recover money from a concubine? we lived together for almost a year, the concubine wanted to borrow money to buy a car. I borrowed USD 6,000 and unfortunately, we split up after a few months, we live separately. I want to return to the topic of a loan granted to a concubine and I would like to recover the six thousand.

I have the impression that she was with me only to get a loan from me because strangely enough, after granting a loan to a concubine, it began to break between us and we are no longer together. What to do to get your money back?

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