Jabalpur Farmer produces a special variety of organic tomatoes; Sells it for Rs. 600 per Kg

Cherry tomatoes

Through biological agriculture, a farmer in the town produces a unique type of tomato known as the “cherry tomato.” The exceptional tomatoes, according to sources, are worth Rs 400 to Rs 600 per kilogram and produce throughout the year. Another advantage of this tomato is that it produces all year round for the farmers who grow it. Tomatoes are in high demand not only within the state or country, but also internationally.

Ambika Patel, farmer, produced this tomato variety and has been selling it in cities across the state for several years. Patel said he did an extensive study on how to grow tomatoes organically. He experimented with many kinds of tomatoes and found the cherry tomato to be the most beneficial.

According to Patel, this tomato is also known as hybrid tomato or high vitamin tomato. These tomatoes can also be grown in a polyhouse during rainy days, and their use normally increases when regular tomatoes are no longer available.

“It’s not hard to grow up Cherry tomatoes. It is also simple to cultivate in the fields. The benefits of these tomatoes include their small size, sour flavor similar to regular tomatoes, and high nutrient content, according to Patel.

According to farmer Ambika Patel, this tomato is not only unusual in terms of appearance, flavor and price, but it is also packed using a unique method. It is packaged and stored with the same care as grapes.

The peculiarity of cherry tomatoes is that they are not only easy to grow or grow, but can also germinate in a tray or pit. For sufficient moisture, it can also be grown using irrigation or drip irrigation system. The good news is that due to their small size, their acidity is comparable to that of a large tomato, but their vitamin content is significant.

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