Jewelry that blurs the lines between art and design

Childhood friends, Loïc Le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail, are the co-founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery, a space where functional objects such as a chair, a table, a lamp or a jewel are made by international artists and designers. recognized or emerging that they challenge. go beyond their borders and create limited series exclusively for the gallery.

The Le Gaillard & Lombrail website states: “We focus our energy on that rare moment when design becomes art, creating and exhibiting sculptural objects that provoke an emotional response. The collectible design meets the expectations of a select clientele looking for beautifully crafted functional pieces. We were inspired by couture models of vertical integration – design, production and retail”.

Actively involved in the collection research and production process, the gallery has been collaborating with artists to create clothing and furniture for the home since 2006. Initially based in a former carpenter’s workshop in Chelsea, London, the company expanded into is then extended to galleries in New York and Los Angeles. Initially, the duo dealt with paintings but soon realized that this was an overcrowded sector of the art market. Le Gaillard & Lombrail has found its raison d’être in the selection of objects that lie between art and design. In 2019, they initiated a program to apply a similar philosophy to the world of jewelry, brainstorming with artists like Rashid Johnson, Cindy Sherman or Aki+Arnaud Cooren.

The duo are currently renovating a space in Notting Hill, which will open in Spring 2023, which will be both a hub for London artists as well as the home of great functional art and collectible design in West London.

Here’s our pick of twelve pieces of jewelry that we think would make an ideal gift for those who love both jewelry and art.

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