Kate Middleton reportedly banished fine lines and wrinkles with ‘non-injectable botox’

Kate Middleton may be 40 but her face shows few signs of aging. The Duchess of Cambridge has several beauty secrets; from using a washcloth every night to cleanse her face, to her favorite rosehip face oil that adds a healthy glow to her skin. Apparently, Kate also prefers a “non-injectable organic Botox” serum for the purpose of combating fine lines and wrinkles.

While some celebrities prefer cosmetic procedures to help their skin look smooth and youthful, Kate is said to be a user of Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel.

The 100% vegan product is said to be an “anti-aging treatment” that “reduces wrinkles”.

Its official description claims to make users “visibly younger in 60 minutes.”

Won over by Biotulin’s simple formula, Kate reportedly recommended the beauty product to Michelle Obama.

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Besides spilanthol, the product contains bald grass and hyaluronic acid.

Blady’s grass, or imperata cylindrica, is a plant native to the deserts of South America.

It grows in the driest deserts, making it an expert at finding (and retaining) moisture whenever possible.

The blady grass extract means the product intensely hydrates the skin.

The third ingredient is hyaluronic acid which is believed to help skin appear more supple.

Biotulin added: “Unlike traditional Botox, which is an injectable, to use Biotulin all you need is to massage a drop of gel into your face and neck.

“Although the smoothing effects of the gel are not long-lasting, they work to firm and reduce wrinkles in as little as an hour and can last up to 24 hours.”

However, consistency is key for longer term results.

The product costs £41.95 ($53) and can be purchased direct or on Amazon.

As for how the product works, thousands of people left mixed reviews on Amazon, and it received an overall rating of 3.5 out of five stars.

Joanna Walker said: “Helps with the wrinkles!!! I like it! I could feel my skin tender!

Someone with the username Smarty Pants wrote: “This product is very effective in removing wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead, neck and rest of the face. Highly recommend.”

Another commented: “I’m quite skeptical of skincare claims, after many years of experience so decided to give this a try but wasn’t expecting much. After one application, I waited for it to dry and looked in my magnifying mirror. I blinked and looked again.

“My skin looked better. It’s subtle – it’s not botox – but my skin looked firmer and smoother. I’m 71, so my fine lines and wrinkles haven’t gone but they looked better, younger I can’t claim long term improvement as I’ve only been using it for 4 days but I can see a noticeable difference which I’m really happy with .”

J Bulter, on the other hand, said, “Very disappointed after using this product every day for a month with no observable difference.”

Nemaime agreed, “I applied this product diligently waiting to see results. I don’t see any difference. Nothing. I won’t be buying this again.”

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