Kiambu County, Kenya encouraged to practice organic farming

Residents of Kiambu County, Kenya have been urged to grow organic food to avoid struggling with lifestyle-related illnesses.

JungleNut CEO Patrick Wainaina called on residents to practice organic farming to protect their soil from chemical fertilizers as well. He noted that the increase in cases of lifestyle-related diseases in the region, including diabetes, hypertension and obesity, is the result of poor eating habits.

He said most of the farmers grew genetically modified crops due to the change in rainfall patterns where most parts of the country received minimal rains. He further warned that GMOs are the main cause of the increase in lifestyle-related diseases.

Agro-industrial companies

Mr Wainaina observed that organic farming is slowly losing its grip in the region as most farmers have turned agriculture into agribusinesses with total disregard for their health.

“Most people have turned to business and no longer care about the quality but the quantity of their products. Farmers need to rethink their decision to grow GMOs. We have to go back to the indigenous foods that our ancestors grew and ate, ”he said.

His sentiments were echoed by the director of the Kenya Institute of Organic Agriculture, John Wanjau, who said that organic farming is inexpensive and helps to integrate all types of agriculture, ensuring maximum use of the land. available.

“Organic farming is economical and manageable and ensures high yields. Farmers should rely on natural processes, compost manure and biological pest control methods to improve soil fertility or manage pests and diseases, ”he said.

Organic farming allows farmers to increase yields by using locally available environmental resources or additional low-cost organic inputs and offers a sustainable farming approach to most smallholder farmers.

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