Koi CBD Launches New Full Spectrum and Delta 8 Lines of World Class Hemp Products for People Looking to Improve Their Quality of Life


LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 26, 2021 / Koi CBD is rapidly raising the bar in the ever-growing market for non-pharmaceutical alternative solutions to help adult consumers find balance and overcome common quality of life issues through their ever-expanding line of CBD-derived products. high quality hemp. Their two most recently launched product categories – Full Spectrum and Delta 8 – are proudly associated with their broad spectrum line, from tinctures and gums to balms and skin care, all of which are fully traceable.

Koi CBD has been a pioneer in this rapidly growing industry since its founding in 2015, but it was not until a few years later, after the passage of the Farm Bill of 2018, which enabled the sale of hemp-derived products to the federal scale, that they began to capitalize on expanding understanding of the science of hemp and the multitude of existing cannabinoids to create a premium experience for a growing consumer base with particularly high expectations. Today, after having perfected their profession with more than half a decade of experience under their belt, they have set an example for their entire industry, production methods to ensure total transparency, their news Full Spectrum and Delta 8 lines are the culmination of their history of excellence.

Extension to a full range of CBD products

CBD can be consumed in a number of ways, the number of which have increased in line with the growing demographics that use it. Koi’s main line includes their two most popular products, tinctures and gel candies, as well as vape juices, inhalers, balms, lotions, pet products, hemp flower buds and even a skin care line, which includes cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Their Delta 8 line, one of their most recent additions to the lineup, has quickly become a customer favorite. Delta-8 is a different form of THC that differs from both CBD and the more well-known Delta-9 variant. Although it is similar to CBD, the effects are more pronounced (although less than Delta-9 THC), and can provide a potent and uplifting high and offer benefits including improved sleep and appetite. Their Delta 8 line currently includes gummies, tinctures, vapes and infused hemp blossoms in a variety of different flavors.

Koi CBD has also recently launched a full spectrum product line, complementing its original line of broad spectrum products, which contain no discernible THC. Their full spectrum tinctures and gums contain a detectable amount of Delta-9 THC alongside their blend of CBD and natural terpenes to provide a stronger entourage effect. The tinctures are made only with certified organic hemp and are available in a variety of natural flavors.

As their range has grown, Koi CBD has stuck to the highest production standards in the market. All of their hemp is grown, processed and tested in the United States. For their broad spectrum offering, their whole plant extraction process preserves CBD and terpenes while ensuring that no detectable THC is left in the final product. For the consumer, this means a fully restorative experience without any psychoactive effects. Their full spectrum offering is produced to the same exacting standards, but without removing THC in order to provide maximum entourage effect. Each batch is also fully traceable from start to finish, with consumers being able to search for their individual product’s batch on the Koi CBD website and see their unique results. All of their testing labs are ISO accredited to ensure that each of their comprehensive tests for over 100 different contaminants (including pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals) provide accurate numbers.

Make an impact with every new product

A privately funded, community-driven family business, Koi CBD currently boasts over 11,000 positive consumer reviews, a number that will only grow over the years as they continue to provide high quality products to their consumers. While they are always aware that the world of CBD can be confusing for many, there is no mystery in their approach. Their primary goal has been and always will be the continued pursuit of ‘better’, whether it is better practices, better prices or better education – resulting in better days and better lives, one product at the same time. times.

Koi CBD’s status as long-time proponents of responsible agriculture, extraction and distribution has led them to become ambassadors for the CBD industry as a whole, promoting safe and legal products through through compliance, legislation and education as members of the American Hemp Roundtable, Hemp Industries Association and the California Hemp Council.

The future of Koi CBD

Each year, Koi CBD pushes the standards higher and higher for the CBD industry while expanding its own nationwide presence. Indeed, as one of the most diverse CBD brands in the United States, it has a reputation to uphold. However, whether they grow their team by hiring top academics and business people, or by training their team of consultants to help retailers across the country stock their products legally and responsibly, the dedication of Koi with the life-changing powers of CBD and Delta -8 THC has already been recognized by tens of thousands of customers – and will continue to mark many more as they discover each new product line.

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