Lika offers unspoiled landscapes, organic food as main assets of its tourism

Image: Visit Lika-Senj County/Facebook screenshot

ZAGREB, June 5, 2022 – The Croatian mountainous region of Lika has started to promote its tourism and ecological agricultural production under the slogan “Lika je Lik” i.e. “Lika Cures” (in unofficial translation) in order to highlight its main assets: unspoiled landscapes and organic food.

The slogan was launched during the pandemic crisis by the united local tourist boards of the city of Gospić, Plitvička Jezera lakes and the municipality of Udbina.

The head of the Gospić tourist office, Maja Strilić, said that the aim of joining forces was to improve the whole tourist trade.

The region can offer a lot of fun in health tourism, religious tourism as well as in sports and cultural tourism. Strilić mentions the museum dedicated to scientist Nikola Tesla in the village of Smiljan, the Church of Croatian Martyrs in Udbina, the cave park “Grabovača” in Perušić.

There are also adrenaline adventure parks.

According to Strilić, there are more and more houses for rent that offer various amenities.

In addition, they are linked to local family farms that grow local vegetables and fruits.

For example in Udbina, there are 300 family farms, and 90% of them produce organic agricultural products.

Ivana Brkljačić, a former Croatian hammer thrower who performed well as a teenager, winning the World Junior Championships twice and finishing 11th in the 2000 Olympic final, plans to open a training center for athletes athletics, in the city of Trnovac.

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