Lupe s Local Mex-Tex serving organic food from local farms |

Lupe’s Local Mex-Tex owner Luis Arizcorrata wanted to share his best recipes with the community.

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SAN ANTONIO — If you’re looking for a food truck that will fill you up, but also make you feel good, look no further because we have a place for you.

This week on Neighborhood Eats: Food Truck Edition, a KENS 5 Original Series, we visited Lupe’s Local Mex-Tex parked at Free Roam Brewing Company at 325 S Main Street in Boerne.

“People love that we only use organic and local farms for different reasons,” said Lupe’s owner Luis Arizcorrata. “But the main reason is that when you use animals raised by pastoralists, they don’t have antibiotics in their feed, no hormones in the feed. The flavor changes, the flavors are cleaner.”

He wanted to share his best for you recipes with the community. He gets many ingredients from local farms. Like his Peaceful Pork. Arizcorrata spends the extra money on products because it believes in what it serves.

And we had to see what he was up to.

Peaceful Pork Carnitas

“Fry potatoes on a 12 inch flour tortilla. Cheese, pork, tends to be rich. Add organic pickled cabbage that I make myself, tomatillo and roasted roja,” said Arizcorrata.

The healthy bowl

You can customize it with your choice of protein ranging from pork and barbacoa to chicken and brisket. You can also choose how spicy you want it!

You can also try the nachos with your choice of protein on top.

Arizcorrata is proud of its business. He told us how thrilled he was to own Lupe’s because he now does so as a US citizen. “It’s very important to me to show that I belong and to show that I bring something to the table, you know. I think as immigrants, that’s what most of us we try to do. We bring our culture, the food — we try to belong.”

He told us how he feels accepted here, and he hopes the community will accept his invitation to try unique dishes.

“People need to realize that as a food buyer you have the power to change the future of children, the future of this country, you know, because of the way you eat,” Arizcorrata said. .

For more information about Lupe’s Local Mex-Tex, like their hours and menu, click here. And for more on the Free Roam Brewing Company where the truck is parked, click here.

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