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HYDERABAD: The concept of organic farming may be alien to parts of Telangana, but Hyderabad farmer Subrahmanyam Raju is changing the status quo one seed at a time. An expert in converting alkaline land to fully fertile land, Raju advises farmers on all matters relating to organic farming and has helped many people switch to sustainable farming methods. He has successfully carried out cultivation experiments in alkaline lands in Vikarabad, Raichur and Nellore. Alkaline soils are not exactly suitable for agricultural production due to their poor infiltration properties.

This leads to stagnation of rainwater, which makes cultivation difficult. But this was not a deterrent for Raju, who works a lot with such soils. The 60-year-old comes from a farming family living in a village in West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. Raju acclimated to traditional farming practices as a child and these methods ultimately helped him turn 150 acres of alkaline soil into high yielding organic farms. Raju was trained in biological and ecological engineering practices at the National Plant Health Management Institute, Hyderabad.

“I have carried out many experiments and introduced new methods of nutrition and treatment of plants in alkaline, acidic and saline soils. Pest control with homeopathy, leaf decoctions, the use of silica and microorganisms in paddy with barnyard (millet) are made to control weeds in organic fields ”, he said. he declares. He pointed out that many farmers were unhappy with their alkaline land. “I educate farmers about land conservation and environmental protection and how to convert these soils into fertile land,” Raju said. Raju’s unique methods have given good results, especially in sugar cane. In Gingurthy, Momminipeta, Kamareddy and Bodhan, tons of sugar cane are grown organically.


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