Minister of AJK asks farmers to switch to organic farming – Journal

MUZAFFARABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Sardar Mir Akbar on Tuesday urged people to reconnect with their land to live well from organic farming from vegetables and crops.

He was speaking at the closing ceremony of a one-day exhibition of agricultural products, including fruits, vegetables, crops and value-added products, grown and produced by private farmers in the three districts of Muzaffarabad division with technical assistance from AJK agriculture department.

In addition to farmers’ stalls displaying their products, various wings of the Department of Agriculture, the Extension Service Management Academy and some private seed and pesticide companies had also exhibited their products and services for the promotion of agriculture. .

The minister, who grows different crops himself on his farms in Bagh district, stressed that the only solution to control high food prices is engagement with agriculture.

Pointing out that since climate change had affected cropping patterns and subsequently reduced crop yield, the minister directed the department to educate and enlighten small and large farmers on methods to mitigate its negative impact.

Mr. Akbar said he was encouraged to attend the exhibition as it gave him confidence that while AJK had good potential for vegetable farming, the agriculture department staff were also doing a great job, despite low budget allocations, to support farmers.

The minister toured the exhibit and spoke with farmers and agriculture department field staff.

He enjoyed producing value-added products, such as jam, jellies, ketchup, juices and honey.

Posted in Dawn, September 21, 2022

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