More than 50% of the area devoted to organic farming in the Ribera is used to cultivate citrus fruits

Data from the Committee for Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community (CAECV) at the end of 2021 indicate that the number of organic operators and the area devoted to organic production in the whole of the Valencian Community have increased by almost 20 %.

According to CAECV, the region of La Ribera had until December 29 787.5462 hectares of certified organic crops which were used to cultivate more than 40 different crops by more than 120 registered producers, 56 companies, 8 importers and a nursery. In total, 188 operators.

Citrus fruits – oranges, clementines, mandarins, satsumas, lemons and grapefruits – represent 52.8% of the certified organic agricultural area of ​​Ribera with just over 416 hectares. They are followed by fruit trees, with a total of 229.4 hectares (29.13% of the area). Medlar and strawberry crops have the smallest certified area, with 0.032 and 0.0205 hectares in Tous and Cullera, respectively.

There are 104.5 hectares of persimmon, 12.3 hectares of peaches, 9.1 hectares of donut peaches, 7.2 hectares of apricots and 1.4 hectares of plum. Organic avocado crops are gradually increasing and already amount to 25.47 hectares certified, and there are 39 hectares of pomegranates and 14.5 hectares of kiwis.

In addition, there are just over 25 hectares of certified organic vegetables in La Ribera, most of which are grown on a 13.80 hectare farm located in Cullera. There are also 18.4 hectares of carob trees.

There is a total of 18.4 hectares of organic almond crops.

La Ribera also produces other organic products, although on a much smaller scale, such as pistachios, aromatic flowers used for infusions or for cooking, lime, jujube, figs, moringa, papaya. , pitahaya and pecans.


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