NJ lines up to help Ukraine amid Russian military invasion

WHIPPANY — New Jerseyans, heartbroken by violent images of Ukrainian civilians being attacked by the Russian military, turned out over the weekend, donating box upon box of urgently needed supplies.

The Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey in Whippany had vehicles lined up Saturday and Sunday, as part of efforts to help victims in Ukraine.

“Our donation drive this weekend more than exceeded our expectations and we are currently working to finalize the sorting, packing and shipping of goods already collected,” the center said in a website update on Monday. .

(Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey via Facebook)

(Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey via Facebook)

Items, such as clothing, bedding, non-perishable food and camping supplies, were collected en masse and would now be cataloged by volunteers on Monday and Tuesday.

An online Amazon wish list compiled by the center also included essential items such as clotting gauze and water purification sachets.

(Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey via Facebook)

(Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey via Facebook)

“We are very grateful for the remarkable show of support to date in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine,” the center continued, saying it was “overwhelmed by everyone’s incredible generosity.”

The state had offered assistance with the storage and transportation of collected supplies.

“Financial assistance to help cover the cost of airfreight and the purchase of goods on the ground in Europe is badly needed,” the center continued, as the volume of donations were moved and shipped.

(Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey via Facebook)

(Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey via Facebook)

Website updates would soon be posted on humanitarian aid, such as medical supplies, that was still needed as Russian forces continued their aggression in Ukraine.

The center has set up a fund to collect these donations, which are tax deductible, while adding that there are “various organizations you can choose to donate to”.

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