North Face XX Kaws Collection Colors Off The Lines

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Get yourself an article in the New York Times and suddenly you’re everywhere. After a report in May 2019 on the Kaws of Brooklyn, Brian Donnelly’s identity as a painter, the artist’s work is now displayed everywhere. In the past year alone, his double eyes have been fixed on Reese’s Cereal Boxes, supreme shirts, Nike kicksand, since February 17, now on a branded line designed for The North Face.

The North Face XX Kaws collection offers high-tech performance, functional style and unlimited inspiration for epic days of exploration. Winter gear is made for the mountain and the lodge – an eye-catching, signature curation, all lines blended and fabric patches covering high-quality snow coats and pants on the Freeride and Icons of Exploration collections from The North Face. Unmistakable patterns, on the other hand, shape a subtle yet luminous color palette – blue on black, edged with purple bands, forest pine dancing with water green, black on black.

Marc O’Malley/The North Face

Originally tasked with bringing the 1994 Mountain Light jackets to life in at least three distinct The North Face colorways, Connelly couldn’t stop there. The collection comes in a psychedelic series of multicolored Nuptse jackets, Freeride fleeces, tracksuits, down pants, a balaclava, beanies and bags. Each item is, of course, tattooed with the Kaws XX label alongside The North Face’s recognizable logo.

Like The North Face, Kaws has scaled lofty heights that few can claim to have overcome. Unlike The North Face, Kaws wore a jet pack when it launched, giving a simple graphic that projected all the Xs for the eyes. Donnelly’s work would first appear in a phone booth, characters made up in his head and recognizable “toons” reinvented. His riff on Mickey Mouse in “Companion” was one of the first to receive Kaws’ signature double X’s.

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Kaws made its way from the concrete before eye-catching characters became toy staples. Connelly has transcended the illegal for the commercial, jumping into collabs of all sizes like a real Krusty the Clown – Xs on toys, t-shirts and all kinds of merchandise. Kaws opened her clothing store in Tokyo, OriginalFake, even before she had an art exhibit. Today, his work is a staple of 21st century American culture.

The North Face XX Kaws collection is the brand’s very first line designed by the legendary artist. For this curated garment, Kaws uses The North Face’s iconic silhouettes as his canvas, reinventing his outdoor work. The result finds its identity in the solid colors and organic patterns of the American landscape.

Available in the US, select global markets, and on The North Face homepage, pieces in this special selection range from $55 to $550.

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