Oliver Jude Clothing is rebranding with a new range of positive fashion lines

A YOUNG entrepreneur has relaunched his positive-minded clothing brand after a year of creating his “long-term vision”.

On Tuesday, June 21, Oliver Jude relaunched Oliver Jude Clothing to include a new collection of positive products, an emphasis on caring for the environment and a redesign of the company’s website.

The 18-year-old has also opened his first office on Ruskin Drive in Dentons Green, where the business will mainly operate and where customers can pick up clothes.

After being named Creative Entrepreneur of the Year by MD Creatives and Communications Plus in September 2021, Oliver received a £5,000 investment to grow the start-up.

Miguel Doforo, Oliver Jude of MD Creatives and Michael McDade of Communications Plus

Oliver, a student of the MD Creatives Creative Entrepreneur course, said, “After the investment, I wanted to take some time to decide where the business was going and what I planned to do with it.

“I knew I had to do everything right and I wanted to create a long-term vision.”

St Helens Star: one of Oliver Jude Clothing's t-shirt designsOne of Oliver Jude Clothing’s t-shirt designs

Launching the company in 2019 as an antidote to the tough times he faced in high school, Oliver wanted to make positive thinking an integral part of his products after a move to Rainford High and working with MD Creatives gave him a much-needed vision. more positive life. .

After a year spent working on reviving the business, Oliver said the response has been “absolutely phenomenal”.

St Helens Star: Oliver in one of his designsOliver in one of his creations

He said: “People love the new designs and the quality of the clothes themselves.

“I had a lot of orders the first week and the turnaround time from people ordering their product to receiving it was very quick.

“It’s great to see people reacting so well to me doing what I do best and showing their support for the business as it relaunch.”

St Helens Star: Oliver emphasized that the business is plastic-free and as eco-friendly as possibleOliver emphasized that the company is plastic-free and as environmentally friendly as possible

With a focus on 100% organic cotton clothing and plastic-free packaging, Oliver hopes to keep the business as environmentally friendly as possible while reaching more customers with his positive thinking mantra.

Although it is a sole proprietorship at present, its long-term vision includes other apparel designs and larger operations as the brand grows further and further.

For more information on Oliver Jude clothing, visit the website here.

St Helens Star: Oliver spent a year working on reviving his clothing businessOliver spent a year working on reviving his clothing business

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