Organic Agriculture Movement in Tanzania to Advance Organic Agriculture


Tanzania The Movement for Organic Agriculture (TOAM) will work with the Ministry of Agriculture to organize its second National Conference on Ecological Organic Agriculture in October this year. The conference to be held in Dodoma, attended by over 300 participants from Tanzania and beyond, will raise awareness of the importance of organic farming in further attempts to improve the livelihoods of grassroots farmers.

TOAM President Dr Mwatima Juma issued a statement that apart from conserving soil and its other biological organisms, organic farming, practiced since time immemorial by ancestors, also guarantees food crops for farmers. fresh.

Organic farming helps maintain the health of the environment by reducing the level of pollution. It reduces risks to human and animal health by reducing the level of residues in the product. … It reduces the cost of production. agricultural production and also improves soil health.In most cases, it maintains and improves fertility, soil structure and biodiversity, and reduces erosion … reduces the risk of human, animal and environmental to toxic materials, ”she told

In addition, Dr Juma noted that the main objective of the conference will focus on promoting natural and affordable agriculture for farmers without the application of chemicals to the soil in the name of fertilizers and pesticides, adding that those – these eventually contaminate the soil.


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