Organic farming is the way forward, Hong Kong actor says


HONG Kong actor Liu Wai-hung, affectionately known as Ah Chan, has several food businesses in Malaysia and is now also taking advantage of organic farming.

Chinese press reported that the 64-year-old visited a farm in Seremban, Negri Sembilan, in April and found that about 200 of the 500 durians there were dying of diseases while the farm owner was spending a lot of money to save them .

Liu and his team then presented their organic farming method to the farm owner.

“You can’t give up like this if your trees and plants aren’t growing.

“I insisted that chemical pesticides and fertilizers not be used and that organic farming methods be incorporated instead.

“When the durians bear fruit at the end of the day, you can eat them with peace of mind,” he said.

Liu said his team has helped save hundreds of durians over the past six months, earning them the title “Doctor Durian”.

He said he hoped more farmers would adopt and share their know-how in organic farming to further develop the agricultural industry.

> Daily Chew Sin reported that Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan has softened a bit from his hot-tempered persona in the past.

The 68-year-old actor recently revealed on a Chinese talk show that he once had a fight with a director on set.

“He not only scolded me, but he also cursed my parents and my ancestors. I then took a knife and threatened him. I told him he could curse me but not my mother,” he said.

Fortunately, his friend Sammo Hung stopped him, and from this experience he learned to be patient and swore never to scold anyone again.

As for his future acting roles, Chan said he doesn’t want to take on “old dad” roles and doesn’t plan to think too far ahead.

“I just want to live well every day.

“I’ll think about what to do tomorrow and most of next week. I won’t even think about next month,” he said.

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