Organic farming policy to improve food standards


The Minister of National Food Security and Research, Syed Fakhar Imam, said on Tuesday that the national organic farming policy should be developed in consultation with all stakeholders to ensure safe and healthy food for the local population, by more to exploit the export potential of organic food.

Addressing a workshop on “Building a political ecosystem for the organic farming landscape in Pakistan,” Fakhar said that the immense potential of the organic farming ecosystem can play an important role in tackling organic farming. poverty and climate change.

There is an urgent need to promote organic agriculture for safe and healthy food to local and international populations, he said, adding that this would contribute to effective water management practices for future generations and to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as to the transformation of the conventional agricultural production system.

The event was hosted by the Pakistan Regional Center for Biological Sciences of the Center for Agriculture and Biosciences (CABI).

Fakhar Imam said that the policy will play a central role in boosting the national organic industry, he said, adding that the organic farming policy workshop aims to form a national working group to build the political ecosystem of organic production landscape in Pakistan for the promotion of organic farming.

The workshop also brought together representatives from federal, provincial and private sector governments, including seed companies, organic inputs, marketers, manufacturers, farmer associations and organic farmers, to recognize the demand. emerging landscape of organic farming and its role in poverty reduction.

Stakeholders recognized the importance of organic farming policy and availability of organic seeds and inputs to make organic farming sustainable and provided suggestions for policy development.

Syed Fakhar Imam appreciated CABI’s efforts to lead the policy development work regarding organic agricultural production and also ensured his full support in the establishment of the national working group with members of the federal, provincial and private sector government. to develop organic farming policy for Pakistan.

He said that the development of organic farming policy will play a central role in boosting the domestic organic industry.

Speaking on the occasion, the President of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Dr Muhammad Azeem, also stressed the importance of the development of organic farming policy in the context of the development of the national organic farming sector and provided technical support to develop the organic farming policy.

Dr Babar E. Bajwa, Senior Regional Director for Asia, CABI briefed participants on the importance of transforming conventional agriculture to organic agriculture in the context of food security, climate change and exports.

He explained how the emerging demand for organic produce in the international market has developed opportunities for Pakistani organic produce such as cotton and also highlighted the potential of organic farming to mitigate threats due to climate change.

He also shared ideas for increasing the sustainability of the agricultural production system by minimizing the use of chemical inputs, fertilizers and pesticides and making agriculture more environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

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