Podar school students experience organic farming

Journalist :

Jabalpur Podar International School has started various club activities for students to promote the holistic holistic development of students and also to raise awareness for mother earth protection. As of now, the school has already started with the Happy Me Club and the Organic Farming activity on the school campus involving our teachers and students. Organic farming helps maintain the health of the environment by reducing the level of pollution. It reduces risks to human and animal health by reducing the level of residues in the product. This helps to keep agricultural production at a sustainable level. It should be mentioned here that together with the students, school staff planted varieties of herbal medicines, fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy and green Indian initiative.

Some of the important herbs planted are Hanggam (a medicinal plant cultivated in Manipur and North East India). It belongs to the mustard family, coriander leaves, vegetable varieties of the squash family, brinjal, papaya and many other useful herbs. The planting of many other medicinal plants is already underway. The director, Bharat Bhushan Jha, along with the staff members, are actively involved in the mission of organic farming and educate children on different ways to protect the environment and deplete the planet’s natural resources.

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