RaggaNats wants in-store exposure for new hair care lines

Left to right: Sanya Anderson, Sherona Anderson (front), Sherika Anderson (co-owner of RaggaNats), Jimmoy Anderson and Abigail DuQuesnay have fun in this lifestyle photo showing different people who use RaggaNats products.

RaggaNats, a hair care business operating out of Portmore in St Catherine, is owned and operated by Wilma Cuff, a cosmetologist, and Sherika Anderson, a civil engineer turned researcher and hair product formulator. They are mother and daughter.

Their organic hair and beard care solution products carry the slogan “Strengthen from the Roots”.

Launched in August 2020, the company is now two years old. The hair care service is the realization of a dream of the mother and daughter duo. Cuff says she grew up in rural Jamaica, where she took a liking to hairdressing and watched her own mother make Jamaican black castor oil for her hair, that of her siblings and other members. from the community.

Cuff earned certification in hair care and cosmetology, which led her to start offering this service. However, over time, she discovered many problems with using store-bought products and began making her own hair treatments, using Jamaican herbs for the various hair issues found in her clients’ hair. .

Sherika Anderson, Wilma’s daughter, although a civil engineer by profession, was always fascinated by the science behind product formulations and began more research, examining the chemistry of formulations.

In 2015, Anderson also started breaking and losing her own hair, and although she tried many different products on the market, she found that the results were temporary and led to further hair issues.

“I started researching and found the history of herbs used in hair care by Maroons in Jamaica, women in India, Chad and Ghana,” Anderson recalls.

She started experimenting and testing different product formulations using herbal formulas. The result was “a significant reduction in hair loss and breakage”, and her hair grew longer than standard shoulder length.

In 2020, mother and daughter combined Wilma Cuff’s knowledge of hair and Jamaican black castor oil making and Sherika Anderson’s Ayurvedic and African natural formulations to create RaggaNats.

They have since produced hair serums, butters, conditioners and tea rinses. The products have been tested on their hair and that of their family members.

Wilma Cuff told the Jamaica Observer: “We were amazed at the effectiveness of the products, which saw damaged hair repaired, curls revitalized, scalp issues healed and length visible retained.” With enthusiasm and enthusiasm, the duo decided to share the products with the world.

The company currently employs no one except the mother and daughter. The business is operated by Cuff and Anderson, with help provided by Cuff’s other children.

Operating from their home in Sainte-Catherine, RaggaNats formulate and manufacture hair and beard care products that focus on “strengthening hair from the roots”.

Some of these products include deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair masks, Jamaican black castor oil, hair serums, beard oils, hair fertilizers, and beard balms. More product details can be found at www.ragganats.com. Sales and marketing are done online.

Anderson told Sunday Finance: “Unlike other manufacturers of hair care products, we focus on using specific raw materials from Jamaica, India and Africa – an untapped and underdeveloped area. -developed in the industry, fusing science and our age-old hair secrets to create solution-based products.

“With the use of chili, Jamaican black castor oil, henna, fenugreek and chebe, all from different hair cultures in Jamaica, India and Africa, RaggaNats truly embodies the Jamaican motto, “Among many , one people”.

She adds, “We are unique in the way we make our products, we get everything possible from the natural herbs themselves. And not only that, we keep the development process as close to what we have been taught so as not to lose the essence and composition of the oil that people are used to and associate with castor oil Jamaican black.

Oils demand, Amazon sales

The most requested products are oils and deep conditioners. Slap Weh Ayurvfrican hair serum accounted for 24% of sales in 2021.

“This oil contains a combination of over 25 herbs and oils that helps thicken hair, promotes hair growth, and treats hair issues such as alopecia and fine edges.

“These are issues that are prevalent primarily among women in Jamaica, and for that reason, along with the fact that the product works, have been the main reasons why this has been one of our best-selling products,” said revealed Anderson.

Jamaican black castor oil accounted for 20% of sales in 2021. Anderson says, “This is a well-known product associated with Jamaica. Considering the high quality of our JBCO [Jamaican black castor oil]it has become one of our top selling products, to the point that it has now become our first product that we sell on Amazon.

Recently, RaggaNats rebranded their hair teas as moisturizing mists. This change has led to greater demand for the product, which has become one of the most sought-after products.

Hair teas or moisturizing mists can be sprayed on the hair and scalp to help soothe itching, inflammation, and at the same time help keep hair hydrated and provide nutrients that make hair stronger (reduces breakage) and promote growth.

RaggaNats uses a combination of rosemary, coffee, fenugreek, henna and cloves to make the moisturizer which can be used at any time of the day.

Market segmentation

RaggaNats chose to target three market segments: young women who care about the environment, care about their hair and want to have healthy hair; mothers and other busy women who don’t really have time to take care of their hair in detail, but still want to have healthy hair; and men who love beard and hair growth and grooming.

Anderson shared, “We have products for all hair types and for people at different stages of their hair journey.”

Targeting is similar for sales in Jamaica and on Amazon, which is used to serve international customers. The majority of sales come from the company’s online platform and local referrals.

Challenges encountered during the two years of operation include local sourcing of raw materials and containers/packaging; the supply of equipment that can be used to increase the production rate; and bring the products to the stores.

Anderson told Sunday Finance: “The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) has helped me tremendously in taking my business from the idea phase to what it is now.” The mother and daughter have not been able to get their products to the stores yet, but are working to overcome this hurdle in the near future.

Anderson says, “RaggaNats wants to grow and gain a greater percentage of the hair market, both locally and internationally. We want to do this by putting our products in store first so that we can have our products on the shelves so people can come in and buy our products easily.

“Along with that, we want to have more sales on the various e-commerce platforms. We will need to work on improving our marketing so that we can generate more sales through our online store and on online platforms, such as Amazon.

To bolster marketing efforts, the mother and daughter are hoping to secure financial support from the Development Bank of Jamaica, through the Jamaica Business Development Corporation.

Romaine Nugent uses Pimento Beard Oil to care for her beard.

Products from RaggaNats, the Sainte-Catherine hair care company.

Wilma Cuff (co-owner of RaggaNats) puts on her safety gear before starting to make RaggaNats products.

Sherika Anderson with Ayurvfrican Hair Serum which she uses to grow her edges as well as on her scalp while her hair is in loc..

Sanya Anderson showing off the voluminous hair body she achieved using RaggaNats products on the table in front of her.

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