Raising Organic Awareness to Help Bees Thrive in a Big Way | Madurai News

MADURAI/COIMBATORE: Increased awareness of organic farming is helping bees thrive in a big way, say people working in beekeeping. Bees thrive on organic farms because there is no use of pesticides and contribute greatly to agricultural production. “Organic farmers get quality yield when they have bees in their fields,” says beekeeper Bhimsingh DR.
“Heavy pesticide spraying is one of the major reasons for bee mortality. But things are improving with increased awareness of organic farming in Tamil Nadu,” he said. The United Nations observe May 20 as World Bee Day and this year’s theme is “the dangers to bees and the benefits of bees”.To mark the event, there were workshops and demonstration sessions in the region on beekeeping Bhimsingh gave a demonstration session at American College during the celebration.
Deputy Director of Coimbatore Department of Horticulture, M Bhuvaneshwari, said efforts are underway to form a farmers’ organization to pool honey across the district and sell it under one label. So far, around 160 farmers have been united to form the organization under the name “Jai Hind Honey”. Coimbatore is the second beekeeping in the state, next to Kanyakumari. “There are around 350 farmers involved in beekeeping in the district, which is an increase of 100 over the last two years,” she said.
Krishi Vigyan Kendra from Madurai College of Agriculture and Research Center held a training session for farmers on their campus as part of World Bee Day. Dr B Usha Rani from KVK said the response from farmers on beekeeping has been good. “We are training 40 today while 175 farmers who attended the courses earlier and passed have come to share their success stories,” she said. Honey bee expert Dr K Suresh, assistant professor at Srivilliputhur Cotton Research Station, said farmers now have a better understanding of bees. Also, the National Horticulture Mission and the state government are promoting beekeeping extensively.
Coimbatore District Collector GS Sameeran has urged farmers to come together and create a brand of honey exclusively for the district.
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