Representative David Scott visits the Rodale Center to discuss organic farming

U.S. Representative David Scott of Georgia’s 13th congressional district, which includes the southern part of Cobb County, visited the Rodale Institute Southeast Biological Center.

The Center Bio du Sud-Est is located at Many times the farmowned by Rebecca and Ross Williams, in Chattahoochee Hills in the 13th Congressional District.

According to a press release from Scott’s office, the purpose of the visit was “to discuss the role of regenerative organic agriculture in strengthening the nation’s food supply and to highlight research being conducted within the network of farms of the Rodale Institute”.

Scott was joined by Jeff Moyer, CEO of the Rodale Institute, Jeff Tkach, CIO of Rodale, CheFarmer Matthew Raiford, Co-Owner of Strong Roots 9, Gilliard Farms and Chairman of the Board of Georgia Organics, Steve Nygren, Founder and CEO of Serenbe, and several local farmers.

“It was a pleasure to meet the farmers and researchers right here in my district who are at the forefront of regenerative organic agriculture,” Scott said in the press release. “American families depend on agricultural infrastructure every day for their produce and groceries, and it’s imperative to our country’s food supply that we continue to implement policy at the federal level that not only reinforces sustainable agricultural practices, but also mitigates the effects of climate change.”

“The biggest benefit of putting more carbon in the soil is that we can actually increase crop productivity and the resilience of agro-ecosystem services. That alone would be reason enough to make it a global priority,” Moyer said. “We know that farmers are the backbone of our country, and they are struggling in this new paradigm of uncertainty. We have the uncertainty of weather, markets and supply chains. Yet we have the tools in our hands to bring about change and we need to bring predictability and resilience back into the farming community so that we can have a better future.

“We are so proud and thrilled to have Chairman Scott take on this leadership role at this key time for our food systems,” Nygren said.

“Life begins on the farm,” said Raiford. “We must work now to regenerate the soil under our feet, just as my family has taken care of our farm for six generations. This is important work that we can all do together, to create a healthier future for all.

About the Rodale Institute

Since its founding by JI Rodale in 1947, the Rodale Institute has been the most prominent promoter of organic gardening practices in the United States and has disseminated the philosophy widely through the magazine “Organic Gardening.”

Rodale bought a dilapidated farmhouse in Pennsylvania in 1940 and began experimenting with organic farming techniques. He founded the Soil and Health Foundation in 1947, which became the Rodale Institute.

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