Romanians spend more than 50 times less on organic food than the EU average

Romanians spend an average of EUR 2 per year on organic products, while the average European pays EUR 102 in the same amount of time.

The internal market for organic products could grow if the government provided them in hospitals, schools and universities, said Diego Canga Fano and Henri Delanghe, officials of the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI). of the European Commission in an interview. with Agerpres.

The two are in Romania to help the government develop a plan for environmentally friendly agriculture. According to them, the EU wants demand and supply in the sector to combine with long-term sustainability, a combination that must be encouraged with funds from the recovery and resilience plan.

“The target is for 25% of the total EU agricultural area to be grown organically by 2030. Only 3.5% of Romania’s agricultural area is currently grown organically,” Fano said. . “Romania is the first country we visit. We came to Romania especially, given the importance of the country, to increase the area allocated to organic farming,” he added.

Fano and Delanghe believe that the Romanian government could encourage consumers to buy organic products through incentives and campaigns aimed at informing them. The officials had several meetings with representatives from the ministries of health, agriculture, education and environment. They also met with the managers of the most important retailers in Romania.

Organic farming involves a reduced use of fertilizers, pesticides and veterinary drugs and therefore has very positive effects on the environment, climate, biodiversity, animal welfare, soil quality and water. It also has important social effects such as higher incomes for farmers,” Delanghe added.

Germany is the biggest market for organic products. German consumers spend 15 billion euros per year on organic products, while Romanians spend only 41 million euros.

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