Saladbaba is India’s magician of organic farming

Janardan has launched several <a class=organic products targeting different audiences.” class=”lazyload img-fluid” src=”” width=”1024″ height=”768″ fetchpriority=”high”/>
Janardan has launched several organic products targeting different audiences.

Janardan Khorate was building organic farming infrastructure when it was not even a trend. Janardan Khorate, also known as Saladbaba, has been in the organic farming industry since he was young.

He learned from his mentor David Gower and was honed to become India’s youngest organic farmer. However, he didn’t stop there. He has empowered organic farmers, their families and their children by sponsoring their education and improving their way of life.

Janardan was born in a small village based in Goa. He did not have a luxurious or comfortable lifestyle. His parents struggled most of his life to earn a living. The misery of her family pushed Janardan to turn her life around and give her parents the life they deserved. And he embarked on the journey to reinvent himself. He met David Gower, a man from London who came to Goa to start Ambrosia Organic Farm. Under David’s mentorship, Janardan learned the art of farming and running a business.

Impressed by Janardan’s virtuosity, David Gower handed Ambrosia over to Janardan in 2008. Since 2008, Janardan has taken Ambrosia Organic Farms to new heights. He has launched several organic products targeting different audiences. Today Ambrosia is a well recognized organic brand in Goa and other states as well.

Ambrosia Organic Farm started in 1993. Back then, it had no media coverage or marketing strategy. Since the transfer, Janardan has grown the business into a 40 crore valued brand. Furthermore, Ambrosia was praised for becoming the first Indian company to launch rice cakes and fruit flavored peanut butter in 2015 and 2018, respectively.

Furthermore, Ambrosia was also awarded by Times of India’s Iconic Organic Food of the year. Here are some other achievements of Saladbaba and Ambrosia Organic Farm:

  • Commended with the title of India’s Youngest Organic Farmer in 2015

  • Janardan recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015

  • Ambrosia Organic Farm became a rising brand in Asia in 2017

  • Launched the first organic fitness food in India in 2019

Janardan is a spirited and optimistic philanthropist married to the beautiful Janavi Khorate. Janavi is a professional lawyer who works for the welfare of organic farmers and solves their problems. Together they make a powerful couple.

Saladbaba is the magician of organic farming for the way he transformed Ambrosia, and his branding is just wonderful. To educate the children of farmers, Ambrosia donates 20% of its profits to their education. In addition, Janardan provides hundreds of farmers with modern means of organic farming and producing products without chemicals.

First published: 08 October 2022, 12:23 IST

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