Tanzania trains pepper growers in organic farming

More than 250 pepper farmers in Tanzania have been trained in organic farming to increase their productivity and increase their income. Director of Katoro Fresh Business, Mr. Tendi Lushinge facilitated the training under the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) Support.

Katoro Fresh Business specializes in growing pepper, says it continues to train other young people. They currently sell their products to Zambia, Kenya and local businesses.

The training mainly targeted young men and women who are excited about the opportunities. In addition to teaching them agroecology, TARI also taught them the best production of organic fertilizers using rice husks and legume residues.

Class farms

“The young people we trained were able to cultivate and now own large pepper fields of around 370 acres and we continue to monitor them so that they can continue to do well in the pepper market. We give them an education but we continue to monitor the quality of the fertilizers used since we were buying their products,” Mr. Tendi said.

Mr. Lushinge said based on the knowledge gained by TARI, they have established class farms in Katavi 2 hectares, Dodoma 2.5 hectares and Kahama 4 hectares. TARI through AGRO_CONNECT provides capacity building training to citizens to add value chain. Lushinge said one kilogram of dried peppers sells for between 5,200/- and 6,000/- and one ton sells for up to 9m/-.

“In agriculture, there is a lot of wealth. If you get into the value chain, you can sell technology and make a lot of money, not necessarily for farming, because many young people are afraid to farm,” Lushinge said.

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