This farmer earns Rs. 12-13 Lakh through organic farming; Know your success mantra

Meet Rajwinder Sinhadhali who farms on an 8 acre plot and cultivates crops like sugarcane, potato and turmeric and uses the natural method of farming which earns him 6-7 lakh profit every year.

Rajwinder Singh Dhaliwal, a resident of Loha Ra village in Moga district of Punjab.

Rajwinder Singh Dhaliwal worked in America for five years, driving a truck to a chain of hotels and also working as a clerk. In 2012, he returned to India and started the hotel business. However, his family has long been associated with the farming community.

To improve their standard of living, most of the youngsters in Punjab move to countries like America, Australia or Canada. Such cases are very rare for a person returning from these countries and interested in agriculture. He is setting another shining example in front of everyone. We are talking about Rajwinder, a resident of Loha village in Moga district of Punjab.

He had moved to America in 2007. There he worked as a taxi driver for five years, from driving a truck to running a hotel line as a clerk. He returned to India in 2012 and tried his hand at hospitality. However, his family has long been associated with the farming community.

Rajwinder has always been interested in agriculture. He noticed that farmers use a lot of chemicals in growing crops which is very harmful to health. After this realization, he started collecting information about farming without chemical fertilizers and in 2017 started all-natural farming on his 6 acres of land.

Currently, he farms on an 8-acre plot. He grows crops like sugar cane, potato and turmeric, and uses the natural method of farming. Apart from farming, he also sells these products in the market by making jaggery, sugar and turmeric powder after processing these products. This way, he earns one lakh more than other farmers.

Rajwinder has also planted fruit trees like mango, guava, chiku and pomegranate on the farm, increasing his income even more. He says people these days can only make a lot of money from natural farming if they start paying attention to things like value addition.

The secret of Rajwinder’s unique farming technique lies in the mulching part as he farms through the mulching method. He says that instead of planting potatoes in the ground, he started growing them on the ground itself.

For this, the beds are prepared first. After laying the potatoes, cover them with straws. This method uses less water and makes it easier to pick the potatoes later.

Annual income from organic farming

Over time, Rajwinder understood the power of social media and harnessed its power by marketing their products on social media platforms. Its annual turnover is Rs 12 lakh. At present, it also makes around 6-7 lakh in profit.

First published: April 26, 2022, 03:17 IST

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